My Fall Manifesto.

Taking a leaf out of Melanie at BMandarines notebook, I am writing down my Fall Manifesto, in the hopes of really taking in all that this beautiful season has to offer. Wether you have to create a "fallish" atmosphere yourself, or wether your environment already provides the inspiration, here is what I hope to do this beautiful starting season: my favourite of all. 

Our Fall manifesto for 2017: take many walks. 

Granted, the temperatures in Mexico at the moment make it feel less than ideal for thick hand-knit sweaters and lovely toques, but we can play with what we have. I am not one to shy away from creating the suitable cozy nest I require to fully enjoy the Fall. 

I hope these beautiful photos inspire you, and that you like me, join this manifesto-writing-of-sorts. Here is mine!.

Our fall manifesto, via Fig and Me. 

Our fall manifesto, via fig and me. (This is Hestia, a lovely red-headed cloth doll). 

Our Fall manifesto, via Fig and Me. 


Fall Manifesto


Pick lovely fall bouquets, at least twice a week 

Make a wreath for our front door

Make another wreath to grace our table

Have a Fall picnic (warm sandwiches, snacks, a lovely gooey dessert and hot chocolate)

Cook many Fall cakes

Bake more pies

Use lots of pumpkin, applesauce, chestnuts, spelt, walnuts, parsnips and sweet potatoes when cooking

Knit a little something for my husband and children

Sew cozy placemats

Bake empanadas

Make Eldest Daughter's birthday gifts

Dye wool in lovely Fall colours

Make myself a skirt


Our Fall Manifesto, via Fig and Me.

Our Fall Manifesto, via Fig and Me. 

Our Fall Manifesto, via Fig and Me.

I think we always tend to complicate things, especially me. But reading through Melanie's list allowed me to see that it doesn't have to be like that.

It can be something as simple as buying new candles with fallish scents, bringing out more seasonal ingredients into your cooking and perhaps treating yourself to a new knitting pattern or a warm fall picnic.

Our fall manifesto, via Fig and Me. 

Our fall manifesto, via Fig and Me. 

Our fall manifesto, via Fig and Me. 

If you have been visiting this neck of the woods, you probably already know I am a total nutcase for the Fall. I have made many dolls deeply inspired by it, I have witnessed and documented it extensively here in my blog. But I dont think I have ever written a full-on manifesto. Well, today was just the day. 

I hope you are as excited as I am, and that if you too fancy a little kick in the pants (who doesn't?), that you write your very own manifesto, your bucket list of sorts, and that you take the time and generosity of self to make it happen. 

Sending you very warm hugs today, Happy Fall!

Our fall manifesto, through the maple leaves. via Fig and Me. 

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