Learn about dollmaking with Fabs from Fig and Me. Workshops for 2018.

Learn about dollmaking with Fabs from Fig and Me. Workshops for 2018.


Online Classes

Following is the tentative schedule of all my future online doll classes:

November | Making a Baby Doll (NEW class) - Doll will be weighted with glass beads for a very comforting and realistic feel; baby will have a needle-felted face with many body details. I will be able to direct you to a page with more info mid October. Class is imparted completely with step-by-step videos that contain many annotations, so you can make progress at home; you will be gently and expertly guided in this wool baby creation and receive weekly support via a virtual classroom too. Approximate price for this class will be $485 USD but it has not been finalized yet. Class will last three weeks, registration will begin at the end of October.

Early 2020 | Needle Felting a Doll’s Face in Wool (NEW class) - An extremely thorough class that will teach you how to firmly needle felt a doll’s face, so that it retains its shape over many years, as well as creating depth and many detailed features. The class will teach you how to create a beautiful head shape without using stockinette to bind the head, and how to sculpt a realistic young child’s face. You will also learn how to properly drape skin fabric over the face in order to bring to life all the wool sculpting you did. This class will not cover body pattern or eye embroidery, but I will give you guidance regarding which body proportions will suit this doll’s head size and appearance. Class will last 3 weeks. Tentative time of arrival: early 2020.

March/April 2020 | Making a Doll Fairy (Spring Edition) - Beginner to Intermediate class that teaches you how to create a doll fairy. You can read more about the class over here. This class will be open for registration in March and lasts three weeks.

If you are interested in any of my online doll classes, please contact me by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. Spots in my online classes are limited, as I like to work with a small group of students so I can give detailed attention to each one. All my online classes are led my me, they are only available during the month they are being taught and are not self-led at the moment. The educational material and videos are always accessible to you once the class ends.


Having taught in Portland, Oregon and Newton Abbot, UK this year, I have now drastically reduced the amount of in-person workshops I am teaching this year, as I will concentrate my teaching efforts during the Fall through my online classes.

For 2020 my workshop schedule is already filling up. I will give you definite dates as times gets near, but for now I can tell you I will be teaching in the following places:

Hawaii, USA | February 2020 - Making a 12” Doll with a Wired Neck.
*Will open for registration in December 2019. Price includes all materials and lunch on both days $565 USD.

Arlon, Belgium | June 11th & 12th - Making a 12” Art Doll with a Wired Neck.
Arlon, Belgium | June 13th - Needle Felting a Doll’s Face in Wool.
Arlon, Belgium | June 14th - Doll Photography Workshop.
Registration is NOW OPEN for all three. You can find more details OVER HERE.

Granada, Spain | June 2020 - Making a 12” Doll with a Wired Neck.
Granada, Spain | July 2020 - Needle Felting a Doll’s Face in Wool.

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops or online classes, I keep a handy "waiting list" and the people on such list are emailed as soon as I open registration for a particular workshop or class. Please get in touch with me regarding the one that best suits your location or timing.

If you are interested in hosting me to teach a workshop in your city, you can also get in touch with me and we can discuss my workshop schedule. Just click on the button below.