Mary had a little lamb.

Or so goes the song. Funny thing is, I don't know the entire song but every time I look at these dolls nursery rhymes spring out of my lips. 

A spring baby lamb, by Fig and Me. 

This time I spiced things up a bit. I mixed the Wee Baby pattern with the chubby Rumbly Tumbly. So these little dolls are in a rather permanent seating position, but are not hefty as the Rumbly Tumbly ones, as they are not weighted. Definitely trying that next time though, as I can see these little ones infusing my hands again.

I also changed the tune from repurposed cashmere to a woven cotton chenille and a faux-fur. Now, let me tell you. Turning the cotton chenille right-side-out was a bit of a nightmare. Bad words were most definitely spoken. And I do believe I coughed a whole lung from the furryness ingested while cutting and sewing this other fabric. But, we all know dollmaking is not for the faint of heart, only for the brave and slightly insane. 

So let me present you the latest incarnation of these Spring babies, bunnies and lambs!.

A spring baby lamb, by Fig and Me. 

A spring baby lamb, by Fig and Me. 

A spring baby bunny, by Fig and Me. 

A spring baby bunny, made with cotton chenille and linen, by Fig and Me. 

A spring baby lamb, by Fig and Me. 

You can find them all in my Bigcartel shop today. They will become available for purchase tonight at 7 PM MDT. They are also a bit pricier to ship than the Wee Babies because they are seated so they take more space and can't be shipped in a large envelope. 

They were fun to make, albeit a bit cookie, so I will make some more but not for a while. Maybe in the summer or early Fall I can try my hands again at working with some more fun and exciting fabrics (I do wonder what I can use to make foxes and bears…the plot thickens!). Hoping some of you decide on bringing one of these little fellas to grace your home this Spring.

A spring baby bunny and his carrot baby, by Fig and Me. 

As for the bunnies and carrot babies, if you are "new" to Fig&me please don't think this is an extravagant idea. I have made these little ones in the past, but this time around I really wanted the baby to be much, much smaller. The bunnies agreed with me so there you have it. Hope they bring a big wide smile to you!.

I will leave you now with the handsome closeup of this little fellow. Why so serious? I think he was a bit over-tired. You do know babies need lots of naps and comfy blankets and grass doesn't always cut it. Ok, stop the banter now. Off I go into the studio again, see you soon!.

A spring baby bunny, by Fig and Me. 

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Spring has sprung, doll clothing style.

My hands are being imbued with lots of energy these days, the bright light and the many blossoms are getting inside my studio in the shape of doll clothing. Come and see!.

Poet wearing one of our Spring ensembles. By Fig and Me.

Bonnet with blue and blush flowers, by Fig and Me.

Poet in the pink ensemble, by Fig and Me.

Poet wearing a linen apron and bonnet, by Fig and Me.

Poet and I made four dresses. They are all rather short on her but they will be a bit longer on her sisters the 18" and 20" tall. Poet after all is about 23" and still full of magic as the same day I made her. 

We wanted to offer a few clothing sets, as lately people ask me constantly for extra clothing. Thing is, having to travel to another country to ship your wares requires a bit more mental programming than I am used to. So instead of offering custom spots, I decided to get to work and make a few ready-made. 

Poet and I started with the Petite Fig style, but hopefully in later March or early April, you will be able to get similar Spring outfits for the Figlettes. As usual, I can't promise anything. As soon as I say something, the dolls in progress stage a coup and I find myself surrounded by little voices demanding their clothes made first. Such is the life of the dollmaker.

Linen bonnet with floral embroidery, by Fig and Me.

Poet in her pink outfit, by Fig and Me.

Poet wearing a linen bib apron and a Fig bonnet, by Fig and Me.

Poet in our raw linen bonnet, with sweet rose embroidery. By Fig and Me.

As is the custom in this creative studio, we chose a bit of linen, a bit of floral prints, lots of sweetness and small simple details that bring smiles all around. Little woollen cuffs, tiny prints, appropriate vintage buttons and flowers in mother-of-pearl. The odd one full of sparkles and glitter. I hope they are girly enough for the dolls so inclined, but also understated and sensible enough for the ones just like that. We won't name names. We know who they are.

Poet, a natural fiber art doll, wearing sweet handmade doll clothing by Fig and Me.

You can find all these outfits for preview on my BigCartel shop. They will become available tonight at 8 PM MST. If you manage to get one, I will be able to send it promptly on its way to you this coming weekend, so your doll can receive it in no time. Really hoping the dolls give me some extra time to tackle clothing for the Figlettes and then maybe even the babies. 

Thank you so much for coming to read my blog. If you are on Stitchy Notes, it goes out tomorrow and it's a good one!. Aside the dolls in the studio, we are working on patterns of all kinds. March and April are sure going to be very busy around here. Hope to see you all tonight.

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