Poet is a Petite Fig (22" tall), a one of a kind wool sculpted doll of very minute proportions, a new style of handmade doll for 2015 (via Fig and me)

How and where can I buy your dolls?  

The majority of my large dolls are sold through my BLOG, via comment-style. I write the doll story, pricing details and particular characteristics, leaving a period of time (usually one full day) to submit a private comment (through an e-form) if you are interested in purchasing that doll. At the end of the allotted time, I pick a name from the list (at random) and that person proceeds to be invoiced via Paypal. Some other dolls, usually small ones, are sold through my BigCartel store.

On occasion I auction a special doll on my Indiecart store, but I always publish the doll's story and provide details on the blog, including a direct link to the auction listing. My sewing, knitting and dollmaking patterns are sold via Etsy.

If you feel so inclined, you could also join my newsletter, I send it once a month and share current obsessions, newly discovered artists, stories, and most importantly, what will be happening at Fig and Me the following month. It is a great way to be in the know of which dolls will be appearing so that you can keep your eyes peeled. Just fill up your info in the form at bottom and you are all set.


Where can I buy your patterns or take a doll class?

In 2017 I started publishing some of my dolls patterns. You can now find the Wee Baby Bunny doll pattern, the Little Fig doll pattern and the Baby Fig doll pattern in my Etsy shop, along clothing and knitting patterns to suit most dolls.

In 2018 I started teaching in-person workshops. If you would like to find out more about upcoming workshops, or suggest a location to me, please visit this page.


How do I subscribe to the feed of your blog?

In order not to miss a doll that might become available and which can be suitable for you or your children, it has proven wise in the past to be subscribed to my blog's updates.

If you already have a feedburner account and know how to subscribe to RSS feeds, then this would be easy for you. If not, you can easily subscribe to follow the blog through Bloglovin' by following this LINK. Please edit your profile on Bloglovin' to receive email updates every time one of your blogs publishes a post, otherwise you won't receive the notifications, and therefore can likely miss the sale of a doll or the announcement of a coming update.

Please feel free to follow me on social media, where you can also find out when there is something going on with my dolls. I chronicle my daily adventures on Instagram, I update Facebook when I have dolls for sale or something important to share, and I am always pinning my work and inspiring things on Pinterest. We are bound to keep in touch, so don't be shy! come and say hi. You can find all links to my social media channels at the bottom of this page.


Beatrice is a Figlette (23" tall) made as a custom order, with suri alpaca hair and an extensive wardrobe. A one of a kind art toy (via Fig and me)

How do I order a custom doll from you?  

Custom dolls take from 4 to 8 weeks to be created, so I only take a very small number of them throughout the year. Pricing for custom work is usually double the price of my retail pricing. I purposely leave a lot of free time in order to create dolls that come to me while creating custom work, so there is always a doll available for sale to the public every month. If you are interested in creating a one-of-a-kind doll please get in touch with me and we can sort out the details. 


Where can I see more photos of your previous dolls?

On top of the featured GALLERIES here in this site, you can view my flickr gallery. There are many sets of previous collections, as well as all kinds of dolls over there to keep you entertained for hours. Please visit the link: Fig and me on Flickr.


What are your doll prices?

Pricing for the dolls is very hard to gauge as each doll is one of a kind, and most take 40+ hours of creation. 

Some dolls have simpler hair styles, while others have hand-wefted natural fibers which take incredibly longer to create depending on the doll's size. Some dolls have simple thread-sculpted facial features, while others are wool sculptures. The contrast of these two alone create a completely different pricing scenario based on hours of work. 

Clothing items are as well very varied, some wear very simple attire and others come with several items of knitted extras or needle-felted accessories. Please know that when a doll is up for sale it will have a detailed description of what comes with him or her, as well as pricing, shipping quotes, and any other pertinent information.

A general idea of pricing for a doll wearing 5 items of clothing, with yarn hair (not weft, or hand-wefted fibers) and not including postage, is:

8.5" Wee Baby $65 to $135 USD

11" Mini Fig $575 USD

16" Baby doll $875 USD

17" Figlette $1100 USD

20" Figlette $1200 USD

23" Figlette $1300 USD

18" Petite Fig $1300 USD

16" Mannikin - auction style doll, usually starting at $1500 USD.


Cygnet is a Mannikin style handmade doll, completely articulated with an inner pose-able core and sculpted in wool, a one of a kind art doll. (via Fig and Me).

How do I take care of my natural doll?

When you purchase a doll from me, I send you a comprehensive PDF file that explains not only how to best take care of your doll, but it also has many tips and ideas in regards to open-ended play and how to introduce a new doll to your child, if that is the case.


Do you have any doll making tips to get me started?

Sure I do. You can see a few of my posts on Dollmaking Tips + Tricks, but if you have a little bit more time please be sure to check out this post:

My doll making posts are a bit more lengthy than usual (ehem), but they really go in depth and provide a lot of resources and ideas.  If you have any particular problems or suggestions on any of my doll making posts, don't forget to comment on the one in question and I will reply to you there. It adds to the conversation and sometimes it helps others who might be having the same issue as you. 

You can also peruse my list of Dollmaking Resources, where you can find all my doll making posts, plus links to shops I like, where I buy fiber for my dolls as well as links to other talented dollmaking friends.

If you didn't get your particular question answered with any of the above please feel free to drop me a message via this form if you are on mobile, or EMAIL ME directly. I am always happy to answer, although sometimes it takes me a day or two to reply. 


Please feel free to browse my ARCHIVES and/or search for something specific by keyword via this handy box. Have fun!.