Interested in Dollmaking?

I have written several posts about making dolls, you can find them all here, in the order that I believe would be most helpful to you.

Starting your dollmaking adventure | where I talk about what are waldorf dolls, and my best advice to the very beginner doll maker. 

Doll Body Proportions | If you are designing a pattern or want to alter one, it helps to know how big to make the head, or how long to make the limbs. 

Wool stuffing, why,  how and where to find it | I discuss the wonderful properties of wool, where to buy it, and what tools may become necessary in order to work with it.

How to roll wool to stuff your dolls | a very handy technique that gives you firm and smooth results. 

Making doll hair | I talk about all the methods I have used, with links to suppliers and a brief explanation on how to do it.

How to use Suri Alpaca to make doll hair | a small tutorial where I share the process I am currently under taking to create doll hair with this lovely material.

DollyMo Yarns for Doll hair review | the creators of this wonderful line of mohair yarn gave me the opportunity to write my thoughts in regards to their beautiful product. So happy to use DollyMo on my dolls.

Tips on embroidering doll eyes | I share my process, as well as give you a few tips to create embroidered peepers.

Achieving sturdy necks | some advice on how to alter your pattern in order to create a little neck for your doll

How to make a belly on your waldorf doll | I discuss different methods in order to achieve a more protruding belly on your doll.

Don’t forget the shoulders | I share with you my thoughts on why it’s so very important that dolls have shoulders, it will save your sanity when making doll clothes, and steps on how to create them.

Doll Clothing Patterns and Tutorials | A handy list of many makers and designers creating finished clothing and patterns to dress your waldorf or natural fiber art dolls. 

How to Sew Doll Underwear | A photo tutorial with the whole thing downloadable as a PDF. Easy peasy. 


On the Subject of Doll Making

I have shared over the years a few soulful posts on what it is to create dolls for me:

The 5 Steps I Would Follow If I Was Starting My Doll Making Adventure | A little bit recap of what I did right, what I did wrong and what I would do differently if I was starting out. 

Form and Substance in Doll Making | About the thought process of designing my first doll pattern for sale.

The Handmade Doll Business | Where I talk how over time you keep adding things to your pattern, and you delve into other areas of the business, like social media. 

Passing Fancy | Discussing how needle-felting my dolls’ faces is a trait that is here to stay. 

Self-doubt as a creative | After all these years, I still wonder wether someone will like the doll I am making and I speak about originality and faith in your own process.

On how she found me | Detailing the mental and creative process that went on when I decided to create the Petite Fig pattern, through the hands of Poet, my lovely doll.


My Doll Making friends

Juliane Stritmatter | Notes from Björkåsa

Jenny Marshall | Little Jenny Wren dolls

Daria Gosset | Petit Gosset

Gaby Moench-Ford | Fairywool Dolls

Shannon van Valin Morgan | The Pine Cone Gnome

Agniezska Novak | Lalinda

Winter Held | Winterludes 

Barrie Hamby | Meadowfinch

Cynthia Toy | The Fairie's Nest

Young Hash | Scarlet Elfcup

Julie Colby | Inviting Play


Toymakers & Crafters

Katia Ferris | luckyjuju

Amy Sinibaldi | Nana Company

Mia Shmidt | Manomine

Julie Williams | Little Cotton Rabbits

Marlene | Filomeluna

Jenni Harley | Cloth and Thread

Amber Vroom | The Sculpted Sock


Home Learning

Jodi Mockabee

Wild + Free

Maya Climbs Trees

Parenting Passageway

Mama Liberated

The Naturalist Academy


Dollmaking & Toymaking Resources

Bear Dance Crafts | Natalie Weeks

The Olive Sparrow | Monika Aebischer

Little Oke Dolls | Debbie Poole

Kamrin’s Poppenatelier | Kamrin teKronnie


De Witte Engel

Mohair wig | Sue Doyon

Intercal Mohair

While She Naps | Abby Glassenberg

Dollmaker's Journey


Wool Batting

West Earl Woollen Mills (USA)

Custom Woollen Mills (Canada)

Please see post on wool stuffing for additional International resources.


Fabric Suppliers

Sonsu | beautiful floral linens and craft tape

Fat Quarter Shop | Small amounts of fabric in a great selection | I like to buy linen and cotton pointelle here

Hawthorne Threads | great selection of quilting weight fabrics

Lilymeru | great selection of Liberty prints

Purl Soho | Unique selection of upscale crafting materials

Land of Oh | Love their knit fabrics

Fabricworm | I buy japanese prints and Birch Organics through them

Tilda Outlet | For small bits of the wonders of Panduro

Miss Matatabi | they carry my favourite: Nani Iro by Naomi Ito


Animal fibers

If you would like to create your own wefts to use for doll hair, I recommend the following suppliers:

Fiber Curio 

La Fiaba Russa 

Stellas Fiber Farm 

Navy Blue Navel

Cricket Thicket 


If there are other resources you wish me to share with you, just drop me a line to let me know. Hope you find all this helpful.