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Tackling the list.

Tackling the list.

Duck eggs.

You know that list, the one you are always trying to achieve. Especially when you live some sort of creative life, and you make a living out of selling dolls and therefore you are constantly creating things for them, writing their stories, photographing your journey. Your other, more private list, gets pushed and pushed and pushed to the back. Well, this summer I have different plans for that list. 

Poet's fence.

The day's end.

My ducks visiting our neighbours.


Yesterday the girls and I tackled one item out of the list. To make them a play teepee. We've been wanting to make one for ages. Last year we accomplished a fire pit, a garden and their mud kitchen. So we were pretty winded to tackle one more thing. We used some old flannel sheets we haven't used in ages, we wanted it to be light and airy in there. We know it is not the more stable or permanent construction but for now it will do. Now we hope we can tackle a few more items off the list, like their new summer skirts, or the bunting flags for the mud kitchen, their new swings, the flower beds, the dye garden, the new chicken coop, the fairy village…oh, the list is endless.

I wish you good luck tackling your list this week. We made good progress on ours.

Dollmaking tips, achieving sturdy necks.

Poet gathers bouquets.