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The fog.

The fog.

Yesterday was a marvellous day. Full of dark and steady fog, cool air, a lot of bird activity and a restless puppy. I normally work all weekend, so for me it was restless as well. I love fog days, they beckon me outside, to look, inspect, explore, breathe.

But today is sunny and bright. I am "back" taking care of my children for four glorious days (my husband and I take turns to work steady days) where we hope to keep digging deep into our sacred geometry adventures, plant some more little vegetables and herbs, fight the ground elder in the mud kitchen, go to the library and deck our shelves with new and exciting books, maybe even bake a cake or two. I wish you a brilliant start to your week, hoping you too get to have many wonderful learning and discovering acts of bravery. 

The doll dressmaker.

Little Fernanda, a handmade natural doll.