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A walk through the woods

A walk through the woods

I will take you with us, through a small heaven of green magic. Remember our autumn stroll last year? This is the same place, at a different time. I remember the smell back then and believe me, it is like it's a different place now. We were all so amazed at the difference: the air heavy with potential, the noise from humming insects, the birds at work, the wind through the leaves, the small creeks rushing beneath us, pure magic. 

I know some of you really liked that little stroll, so I thought it would be neat to share with you what it looks like right now. Please enjoy, and don't forget to breathe! 

I had to snap these photos trying not to disturb anything, it all seemed so precious. Like we were given special entrance to a world suspended in time and dimensions. I love that my family grants me the time to stop and marvel at mushrooms, and little drops of water, while at the same time not venturing too too far that I can't find them. 

I hope you liked it, we sure did! Walking through these woods, one more time, was very special for me. It filled me with visions and inspiration for the summer collection I am working on: patterns, light, ambiance, fairy lights between the canopy, so much to draw from.

I am really so busy working on my custom dolls (all of them are absolutely intensive dolls, their personalities are just a riot!), sketching ideas, trying out new fibres to weft, while at the same time trying to jot down a few things for my summer newsletter, and finishing a trousseau for Mina (which will be delivered by her sister Enid very soon!)...so taking time to walk through these nurturing paths is extremely important for me. It recharges my batteries, and it prompts so many questions and ideas in my little ones that we spend the next few days just reading and researching. So fun!. I hope to come back soon to share some little snippets of Mina's new wardrobe. Stay cool!.

Fanciful dresses for little dolls

The way to be

The way to be