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The way to be

The way to be

Blogging is a creative outlet for me. Writing and documenting, reflection and inspiration. A way to see my journey as well as a means of starting a deep and meaningful conversation. Not just a talk with myself, but with some of you too. Most of the time I can't wait to blog something, to show a little here and a little there, and moving to this new platform has allowed me to blog more creatively and also to analyze my photography, content, ideas and the many dreams. 

I want to keep feeding that flame of creative writing spurts, allowing the ideas to simmer and evolve and show you the progress of my dolls. That is the main reason I blog. In a world bursting with information, I don't want to get tired of it, and I don't want to fall by the wayside into a shopping blog either.  My process is way too important for me to allow that to happen.

So all this as means of explanation on why and how I plan to run this thing from now on, until new winds arrive and I change my crazy ways.  Bear in mind that I am supposed to move to a different home (once I find one!) in the next couple of months, and that I am working on custom dolls (which will demand proper introductions and little peeks from time to time), while also designing and creating a new massively-time-consuming doll collection.

1. Doll store uploads, plus clothing and whatever is meant to be sold (on a first come-first served basis through my Etsy store), will be published with times and dates on my Facebook fan page. Since I have amassed a number of followers over there, I think it is safe to move that information out of this place. Don't despair! I will add a small little note to the side bar of the blog as well, I just won't blog the updates here. I think it is somewhat safe to say that those of you who read my blog in order to be in the know of upcoming sales are also facebook fans, so  no need to panic. Those of you who read the blog for the content will be gratified with less advertisements. 

2. Special dolls sold comment-style will keep being published here, with a private form to fill in as usual. I find it easier to explain everything and to show all the photos and stories in one place. 

3. I will keep my creative process journaling through this blog. I will seek deep conversations here, knowing that it takes time for you to read my posts, and I want to honour that by having time to answer you, and to write content that I am feeling passionate about. Somehow the need to write is completely in tune right now with the need to document and also with my newfound passion for photography. Have patience with me, I am always learning.

 **Now, can you really see the bunny up there? this has brought a deep meaning to the word "camouflage" and my daughters were delighted to figure it out.

This weekend should see the birth of a new doll, a weighted baby who has the name of a special friend. Miss Mina is getting a fancy set of clothes, which will be delivered by the hands of her sister Enid. If all goes well I should be able to show you her new fantastical wardrobe very soon. (which might mean I have to say good bye to Enid..ssshhhh!). See you soon!.

A walk through the woods

A walk through the woods

Peanut nose bunch