Peanut nose bunch

I know that that is no title for a blog, but it just stopped raining and I want to go out! So quickly-quickly my last four babies of the week, four peanut-nosed wee young ones, will be uploaded into my Etsy store tomorrow Friday June ( I had written May...I know! ) 14th at Noon (EST). There are three rambunctious green argyle bunnies and one mischievous little kitty. The bunnies are made with merino and the kitty with cashmere. Prices are $85 USD plus postage. Off to splash in those puddles!

**came back from puddle splashing and forgot to say that there will be a few preview pics tomorrow morning just before the update so you have a chance to see them all up. 

Posted on June 13, 2013 and filed under dollmaking.