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Change of tune.

Rumbly Tumbly bebe, by Fig and Me.

Oh yes, not much is getting done around this house. If you count the ducks, the chickens, the dog, the children, the leaves, the baking and sweeping, the laundry, the books and the plans. Not much at all. But as far as enjoying the quiet, the calm before the storm, well I can't deny it. The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of activity, excitement and two birthday parties will even take place, starting with one tomorrow. My eldest turns 9. I have a surprise for her. 

Where is my hat? says Rumbly Baby to me with a singing voice. By Fig&me.

Sitting on a big cushion, by Fig and Me. 

But what's that have to do with us? Asked a bunch of little mohair dolls in the studio. Well, not much, except that is one of the reasons you still don't have hats, I reply. 

I wanted to try this specialty mohair fabric for their bodies, instead of the usual repurposed cashmere or lambswool that I use. This proved a bit of a challenge, and it also changed their personality. All of a sudden they are less squishy dolls, but more hard and "formal". So I had to give hair to at least three, the other ones will have their regular hats covering their entire heads. Now, let's pretend these are their Halloween costumes and we will be set. 

Rumbly Tumbly by Fig and Me. 

The two Rumbly Tumbly babies are weighted a wee bit with pink quartz, and they are bunnies. Then we have two black kitties and two larger bears, in the Wee Baby body style. They are asking for accessories. I am not denying I like it. We shall see how I go, about pleasing this bunch of opinionated, entitled, ultra-fun loving dollies. Wish me luck.

I will be "out of commission" tomorrow as we celebrate a birthday party in the true style of our family: low key, lots of outdoor fun, cake, and homemade presents for the birthday girl. Hope you all have enjoyed this lovely weekend.

A fuzzy mohair affair.

Come with us, to a world of yellow.

Come with us, to a world of yellow.