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The sweetness of a little doll, Little Reja.

Little Reja and her wooly hat.

Small dolls make my face hurt. Not because I squint my eyes and pinch my lips as I make them, but because they make me smile so much my cheeks hurt. One of my daughters, the youngest, is particularly fond of small dolls; of small everything. This size of doll was made as a request by her older sister, in order to gift to her youngest sister as a birthday present about two or three years ago. Since then, I have continued making them because they are cute and they are sweet. Nothing else. 

Little Reja suffered a very small injury at the beginning of the week. Working on small dolls while watching a movie with your children sometimes poses hazards, you know? Not only do you leave pins on the couch (ouch and double ouch), you poke yourself with sharp needles a lot, and on this occasion: you poke a small dolly on her cheek. I took a better look and the fabric started to run... oh no! we all said in unison. The husband advised to sew her up and give her a little scar, but I didn't want that. So, we sent her to the emergency room, where I had to snip all the threads that I had embroidered for her eyes and mouth, one by one; had to snip very carefully and remove the cotton fabric that acts as skin, and re-cover her head and embroider her face again. And you know what?, I think Reja came out with a very sweet face because of that. It seems to me as if her first face was a bit sullen, and now she looks very much herself. Fancy that.

While Reja loves her dress, she mostly prefers to lie around in her undies and hat. Always her hat. So please excuse the photos, she is just one of those girls. 

Reja is a 9" doll, made of cotton and stuffed with wool. Her hair is a mohair cap sewn to her head, she has embroidered features and little clothes. She comes with a cotton dress with a snap on back, cotton undies with fancy elastic and a wee alpaca/linen hat with two gigantic pompoms (I think I *may* have a problem with my now addiction to pompoms). Reja is being offered as a Kismet doll, meaning she is offered for purchase to people who do not have a Fig&me doll in their home. She is recommended as a doll for a child 3+. All items must be hand washed and lay flat to dry (do not worry, I will send you Reja's care file by email).

If you would like to put down your name to purchase Reja, please fill your details in the form below. Her price is $180 USD plus postage. I will leave the form active until tomorrow Sunday October 20th at 9 AM EST, and we will select a person at random to proceed to bring her home.  


So for now we will little Reja to play with her sisters, while we wait to find out where she will be headed to. Thank you so much for your interest in my dolls, and I wish everybody who enters their name the best of luck!. See you tomorrow, and have a wonderful weekend. 

Thank you so much to everyone that entered their names for Reja. She is excited to have found a home and hopes she can soon travel, along her sisters, to the different places where they all belong. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a birthday girl here at home that must be pampered and cuddled all day long. Happy Sunday! 

And for your knitting hands, I bring you Le Fig.

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