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And for your knitting hands, I bring you Le Fig.

This wee pattern has been in the file folder, all finished, photographed and with half a written post for about what? two weeks now? Well, in my defence preparations for an important birthday were more pressing, and I tried to use my "computer time" for that regard. Now, the birthday girl is strutting her stuff very happily and while we now prepare for her coming birthday party, I said to myself: those dolls will be getting cold! you MUST publish it now. So here it is. 

Le Fig knitting pattern is not exactly the hat I knit for my dolls, as I like to keep some things to myself and my knitting hands. But it's extremely similar, with the front ribbing, the ties and the pointy-ness of it. It is also knit in garter stitch which makes it very elastic, so wether your doll has a barely-there mane or wether he or she sport a massive amount of yarn for hair, they should be fine. Miss Molly, the modelling doll, has a simple mohair cap for hair, and she wore it perfectly fine. We also tried it on Eva, with her short bob and rambunctious tresses. 

The pattern calls for a skein of Drops Loves You, a limited edition yarn, but you can use a similar chunky yarn to achieve gauge of course. I do love that specific kind of yarn, not only because of its softness when you knit with it, but because you can see the little bits of linen in it and it fuzzes up quite nicely. I bought my yarn over at Fabrique Romantique.  

So if you cannot wait to get started, please visit my Fig&me Etsy shop and take a look over here. Thank you so much for your patience, and now we move to the third pattern in the line up. A cozy little bonnet, which shall be modelled by one of the triplets. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I am working on my last custom doll of the year, a weighted baby doll. And this baby decided to be born alongside two others! as you can imagine, I am quite busy feeding them, changing diapers and clothes, and making things for them. With a little bit of super-human effort, I should be able to show you this week what those three babies are all about. I hope you are beginning your week as excited as I am. 

My baby is growing

The sweetness of a little doll, Little Reja.