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Do you fancy a plum puddin'?

Plum Puddin' knitting pattern by Fig and me.

It always feels so nice when I hit "publish". Both on the blog, or in my shoppe. Especially with this little piece of loveliness. Creating is my passion, and making things available for others to create has a very different kind of joy attached to it. A different sort of pride than when I see one of my dolls finished, knowing I made her in its entirety. Seeing what others make with my patterns or my tutorials makes me feel as proud as when my children bring me a picture they have drawn or a mud pie (and for some reason, mud pie season is full-blown around here!). 

So I want to let you know that my one-hour a day devoted to pattern writing and messing about has just rendered a new knitting pattern for your fairy hands. Two lovely friends helped me test it, and we agreed it looks very lovely on their dolls. Thank you Sam and Britta!. 

The cardigan fits 16" to 21" Fig&me dolls. It is knit with lovely Madeline Tosh DK, so that your hands enjoy every.single.second of it. Please hop over to the shop if you fancy a plum puddin' and thank you for your support of my pattern-making adventures. Hopefully the next pattern will be in shortly, a sweet pointy topper for your mischievous doll. 

The first of many

The first of many

Little Raven