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Little Raven

Little Raven observes the leave fall swiftly...by Fig and me.

This sweet and sad little doll is ready. Finishing a doll always feel like it is never going to happen, and yet when the day comes, I struggle to find my wits about it, and I try to pause to look at them, sometimes they fly out too quickly. In the case of Raven, I just want to do it like a band-aid, peel it off swift and quickly before I change my mind and I try to keep her. I know I just wrote about my realization in regards to the need for the dolls to move so I don't become stagnant, but the heart is stubborn.

Sweet raven and her pretty eyes, by Fig and me.

Measuring her dress, by Fig and me. 

We spent the entire morning together, measuring her to get fancy ribbons in her dress and making pompoms for her hat and scarf. Then we went out to play in the leaves and to take more photos of her. These dolls are just to darn pretty and one can't be blamed if you are walking outside with a crazy smile, a cup of coffee and your slippers while taking photos...oh! the neighbours got a treat today!.

Cashmere leg warmers, by Fig and me.

Fair isle dress, by Fig and me.

It was windy, by Fig and me.

If you follow my facebook ramblings you know that I almost quit knitting her dress. Oh the pains and tribulations! knitting with this gauge and the slippery alpaca/silk and the fair isle almost did me in. But I persevered and I am so glad because Raven really loves her dress. The one thing that survived the wardrobe re-make after she decided to a be a brunette and not have long black hair. Oh well, I think she chose well. 

Girl holding a doll, by Fig and me.

My girls wanted to take their picture with Raven. They weren't home when I made Cygnet so they are quite mystified by Raven and her posing abilities, so much that they have asked for Christmas presents already. We will see if the interest persists, I know them well and the list will change quite a bit before it gets actually closer to that. 

So without much ado, we will bid Raven a lot of luck of finding the home where she belongs. She will be available via a very short auction (remember the band-aid allegory?) and if all goes well she will start her journey soon. If you wish to put your hand up to bring Raven to your home, this is the link to follow. Thank you so much for reading about my work, the process I come to terms with and for your support. Good luck! 

Little Raven's auction

September 29, 2013      9 pm to 11 pm EST


Do you fancy a plum puddin'?

My sadness and Raven