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Little May, where will you go?

Little Bunny boots, by Fig&me

Ah, Little May, you are so full of ideas. Yes, of course I will always try my best to make things for you, but you do know the time has come to find you a home, right? Oh, don't hold it against me! I have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince Eva to keep a sister, maybe even a cousin, but she won't hear a word of it. I think she is pretty jealous of your boots to be honest. Little dolls can get very green sometimes, when they see me showering other dolls with so many clothes, and especially with so much of my time. Yes, I know, that you just wanted a bunny-everything because you love them and secretly want to get one, a real one. But we don't have bunnies here, so there. Maybe you can draw one?

My chenille hat, by Fig and me.

Hand knitted doll vest with silk pompoms, by Fig&me.

I want to count all these acorns, by Fig&me.

No, I am afraid your bunny drawing won't be able to eat these acorns. Yes, yes, you can count them if you like. Half for you and half for Eva? That's fair I suppose. One more for you for counting? Well… I am not sure Eva will let you get away with it. But you can try persuading her. Yes, May, I made that wee basket. Oh, so long ago, when I was trying to learn to crochet hats for my dolls. Yes, we always keep it full of acorn caps so the little girls can make crafty things with them. Yes, you can take some home with you if you like. 

Love is in those details, by Fig&me.

A puffy cottontail for you, by Fig&me.

Perky bunny ears, by Fig&me.

Little May has been such a joy to create. It sounds a bit like a broken record I know, but it truly has. At the beginning of this last week I woke up with a very vivid dream. I had been knitting a vest I didn't even know for who, and the girl in my dream was wearing something similar, so I figured my hands had known what was coming. Pencil in hand I drew a simple sketch and my recollection of her name kept bugging me. To this day we all call her "May-Mei-Mae"…which sounds like a "meh-meh-meh" to the little girls and they giggle when I say it. I was told last week that mei-mei means "little sister". I almost cried when they told me.

May is a bit of a mystery. She came from deep within my subconscious. I am sure most dolls come from there, but this one feels very strong. I have seen my dolls go to places where they are loved within an inch of their lives; to places where they don't stay very long before moving on to another home, and another home (you know, gypsies!). I have also heard of many of my dolls who have helped people heal childhood wounds. Or the pain from losing a loved one. I have worked some of my painful moments through doll making, so I can certainly understand and believe how it happens. I think May brought a little bit of healing to me. I am not quite sure what I was hurting from, deep within it might still be there and I just don't want to face it, but I feel so much better. It is very odd to feel healed of something, when you don't even know what it was. But I even had a long nap yesterday, something I never do, and I am 100% sure it was because May was finally finished and my heart was happy, the children were content and taken care of, and this mother went for a long, restful nap. Today I am ready to say good bye to this Little May, this little sister who has healed a wound so deep that I can't even remember it. Thank you May. I do love you and it is my hope you bring some of your magic where it is needed. 

Cottontail on your head? dear me! by Fig&me.

May in her pretty clothes, by Fig&me.

My Little Sister, by Fig&me.

Little May is an 18" figlette made with swiss jersey and stuffed gently with wool. Her face is embroidered and her hair is made of wool. May is wearing an outfit of her choosing: a linen top with 3/4 length sleeves with cotton ribbing bands for a cosy fit, and two snaps on back. A little bit of lace adorns the neckline because May does love pretty things. She has a wool blend skirt, with invisible hem and a hand made button loop that closes with a wooden button on back. Cotton undies are under there. A BFL british wool was used for her hand knit vest, that ties with silk/alpaca pompoms on ends. May asked for bunny-inspired boots. These are made with organic cotton batting, wool blend, man-made suede, and cotton lining. Her cotton chenille hat is lined and closes with a snap. The bunny ears are so soft because they have fuzzy cotton velour. You won't be able to resist them!. To put the last touch to her outfit, I made her a cottontail clip to be attached to the back of her skirt. Silly May likes to wear it on her head sometimes. She also asked me to take her picture wearing pigtails, because she feels is the "best hair style ever". 

My sweet girl, by Fig&me.

Her pretty eyes, by Fig&me.

If you would like to give Little May a home, please fill your details in the form below. The form will be open until tonight at 9 PM EST, at which time we will proceed to select a person at random to purchase her and they will be invoiced via paypal. Do not fill this form on behalf of someone else please! only if you are personally interested in bringing her into your home. Payment is due when you receive your invoice. Shipping is calculated with full insurance and tracking number ($45 to Canada/US, $120 International). Little May's price is $610 USD.  


Thank you so much for all the love and the messages about May. I wasn't wrong when I said that the force was strong with this one. Hehehehe! She seemed to have stirred as much emotion in you all as she does in me. With a little bit of luck, we will be brave and strong and bid her good bye. But first, we get to cuddle her a little bit longer!. Good night friends, and thank you for your support of my work and your love for my dolls.

Almost there.

First figlette custom spot of the year.