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First figlette custom spot of the year.

As mentioned a few days ago, I am going to offer the first custom spot of this year via auction. I was going to offer all the spots together mid Spring, but my sewing machine and serger have decided to stage a coup d'etat and I need to find suitable replacements for when they decide to play rough with me.

The spot offered is a custom 18" figlette, which will be started right after the auction ends. Normal time of completion for a custom doll varies greatly, depending on route taken, but it will be about 5 to 6 weeks before you can see your finished doll. 

The auction will start tonight at 9 PM Eastern Standard time, and end two hours later. I am beyond excited to get to see who I will be working with in creating a special, one of a kind little one, that will surely become one of your best friends. 

Here is the link to the auction. I hope it all goes well, and I hope I can get started right away. See you tonight!. 

Custom figlette February 2014.

Little May, where will you go?

May, the Fair.