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2015 First Custom spot.

Figlettes by Fig and Me. 

As promised in last week's newsletter, here is the blog post offering a custom spot for the month of March. No lengthy wait, your doll will be started and hopefully completed during this coming month. The spot has a few restrictions so please make sure you read everything through.

There are a few considerations to take notice. Wee Babies (8.5" tall) and Rumbly Tumblies (permanently seated at 6.4" tall and weighted with glass beads) are made with repurposed cashmere sweaters so we will be held to whatever material I currently have in my stash. I cannot offer you any colour for their bodies, but we will  have plenty skin tones to choose from. I have never offered this kind of doll as a custom so I am very excited to do it this time around. Custom prices for simple Wee Babies are $200, for lambs $250, and for Rumbly Tumblies $280. 

Wee Babies and Rumbly Tumblies by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby Lambs by Fig and Me. 

Mini Figs (11" tall) and Little Figs (14" tall) are recommended as dolls for children 3+. Their simple expressions as well as clothing make them suited for young children who are starting to enjoy doll play. Their outfits do have buttons or snaps so are not recommended for younger kids that put stuff in their mouths and such. You will have a variety of hair styles to choose from, as well as skin tones. I take gentle direction in regards to clothing style but I work best with freedom to create something that suits your doll. He or she will come dressed in a five piece outfit, for example: a dress, underwear, mary jane shoes, a cape and hat. Prices for custom Mini Figs are $450 and for custom Little Figs $650.

Baby dolls by Fig and Me. 

Baby dolls are offered in two sizes 14" and 22" tall. Their pattern has bent arms and knees, and fabric joins that allows them to be posed and held much like a real baby. Your doll can be weighted or not, according to your choice. Baby dolls are only offered with brushed mohair as a hair style, so no weft or locks. They usually come dressed in a five piece ensemble, such as: a top, pants, boots, diaper and hat. Baby dolls are recommended for children 5+. Prices for custom 14" babies are $1200 and for custom 22" babies $1600.

Figlettes by Fig and Me. 

And as a last style, I am offering my sweet Figlette, which is by far the most popular and most requested of the many dolls I make. Figlettes have bodily proportions corresponding to a lanky 6 year old, and their pattern has many signature details: lanky limbs, slightly bent arms, semblance of bony knees, long feet, sculpted bum and belly button, necks and ears. As you can see in the photo above their faces change dramatically from one to the next so I cannot offer to reproduce a doll previously made but instead I would be delighted to create a one of a kind doll for you. Hair styles vary, as well as skin tones. Your doll will come dressed in a 7 or 10 piece ensemble, such as: hat, dress, apron, underwear, socks, boots, shawl, etc.  Prices for custom figlettes are as follows: 17" $1700, 20" $1900, 22" $2200. 

I will not be offering the Cloth Figs, Petite Figs or Mannikin as a custom order this year. The first ones because I hope to offer them on a regular basis in my store, and the other two because they require incredible amounts of needle felting and are more suited to be created under spurts of creative activity. 

Now for the particulars:

1. This custom spot is offered ONLY to those who have not worked with me previously in creating a custom doll. You can have dolls made by me in your home, but as long as we haven't worked on a custom spot, you are free to enter this lottery style spot.

2. You can only enter for yourself, and not on behalf of somebody else to increase their chances at getting this spot.

3. This spot is not transferable. I will only work with the person selected.

4. You can cancel your spot at any time in the process, but cancellation fees apply according to the level of work I have achieved. This will be disclosed to you in the custom file that I will send you in case you are selected. 

5. For smaller dolls you can order more than one, up to three. For larger dolls (baby dolls or figlettes) you can only order one. 

6. You can only enter for one style of doll. You have to select it before hand and are not allowed to change it once the spot is selected. 

7. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping charges. Payment is done in two instalments. Half when we have discussed the kind of doll you want and you have read the custom doll file pertaining to the style you selected. And the balance plus shipping when your doll is finished and you are pleased with what I have created for you. Shipping is calculated with tracking and insurance due to the unique nature of the doll I am creating for you. Taxes apply to Canadian residents.

8. Your doll will be started during the month of March and hopefully completed within 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your particular requirements. 

I hope I have covered most areas, but if you have doubts please do not hesitate to contact me. This spot will be open for two whole days so there is plenty of time to ponder, ask questions and decide wether this is something you would like to embark on. Please read everything through again and select which kind of doll and size you would like me to create by filling the form below.

THE FORM FOR ENTRIES HAS NOW BEEN DELETED. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT EXPRESSED THEIR WISH TO WORK WITH ME. I am very humbled by your entries and your beautiful messages. I will offer another spot around April/May. 

The above form will be live and open for entries until Thursday February 26th at 10 PM EDT, at which time I will close it, select a person at random and proceed to send them an email. If I don't hear from the selected person within 12 hours I will cancel their spot and proceed to select another person from the list. Once selected you will receive a file to read through, according to the type of doll you selected. 

Thank you for wishing to work with me in creating a little or big doll for your or your family. I am very excited to see who I get to work with next month and what kind of little being will come out of our interaction. Good luck everybody, see you Thursday!.

Carefree Aven.

A little ride.