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Carefree Aven.

Little Aven, by Fig and Me

Aven is a silly and goofy custom doll, who is keeping her poor mother on her toes. Oh wait, I think it's actually me who is keeping her mother on her toes! Hehe. After Aven had a change of heart about her hair, or more likely, after I got the wrong idea and was promptly corrected, Aven now has the long hair she has always wanted. Hair long and luscious, to be braided, pony-tailed, bun-ned, twisted, washed and combed. Aven is ready, and she actually expects, a lot of action on her hair. She has grandiose ideas about crown braids woven with wildflowers, and intricate ornate chinese-style up-dos. I wish her mother nothing but patience and good luck with this one!. 

Tilda fabric on her pockets, by Fig and Me

Aven and her pretty hair, by Fig and Me

Lace star on her wool beret, by Fig and Me

Aven, a custom figlette by Fig and Me

Long linen overdress, by Fig and Me

Little Aven by Fig and Me

Her mother described Aven a bit on the opposite end of her own personality, but with the same tastes for flounces and pastels. Aven does love pastel colours, and flowers, and rose tea. She adores her sweet shabby chic bunny Ximena, who keeps her company and helps her stay on track. Bunnies are most excellent aides when you need to be on time…and you are prone to a wanderer, care-free personality.

Ximena, the chenille bunny by Fig and Me

Ximena, a wee sidekick by Fig and Me

Aven, by Fig and Me. 

There are only minor details to add to Aven's wardrobe and then we can take her out for a little adventure outside, always accompanied by Ximena of course, and then wait until the wind changes so that we can send her home. But first, shoes!.

Aven and Ximena, out in the snow.

2015 First Custom spot.