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Baby's first Christmas.

Baby's first Christmas by Fig and Me.

These last few days I have been working, steady but oh! so calmly and quietly, on this precious baby doll. After the madness and last hard push that it was to give birth to 25 cloth figs, I was pleasantly welcomed by the slow rhythm of working on just one doll at a time. Reacquainting myself with swiss cotton jersey instead of woven muslin was a much needed respite, it almost felt like a treat. The ease with which my hands respond to these materials, like old friends shaking hands on a busy street: it reassures you.

Little Baby by Fig and Me. 

This little 14" baby doll is a custom toy for the granddaughter of a friend of ours. Back in the Spring she asked me if I could make a baby like Mindy Lou but smaller, which prompted me to try and reduce the pattern. To my surprise I like the baby doll in this size even more than the 22" I had been creating. This size also comes with no weight, so that it can be much easier for little hands to play with. No realism needed for them. This year I have made three of these little babies: Baby Lou, Little Boy Blue and my sweet Thorpe. I enjoy so much creating these baby dolls that I am writing down in my new year's wishes to create one at least every month. To have the 12 Fig&me Babies of 2015 all in one album for me. I aim high these days. 

Little details by Fig and Me.

Wee Baby Bunny, by Fig and Me. 

Handknit hat with a sweet pom, by Fig and Me. 

For the bunny lovers, by Fig and Me. 

Adding the bunny ears and the puffy tail to her outfit was the source of much giggling in the studio. My husband has stopped coming in to see what's the matter, as he now knows he will be confronted with a slightly crazy face, a big smile and something either knitted or sewn thrown right in front of him with many questions prompting his agreement to the statement of "Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?". He knows better now. 

The small Wee Baby Bunny (8.5" tall) does not belong to this doll, it is part of a group of three I made for another friend, but that luckily will travel all together to Northern Ontario. That way they will keep each other company. Now I must and give them many, many snuggles because I will miss them so much. But I am ever so ready to start tackling the Christmas sewing for my own family: cushions, pillowcases, doll clothes, and so much more. Maybe I will even manage to hem those pants for my poor husband. 

Hope you are enjoying these last weeks of the year. These two orders conclude my dollmaking for 2014 and this time I want to come and have a retrospective. I enjoyed doing it so much in previous years and I am looking forward to see all the dolls in one post again. But don't worry, as you asked I will also  share with you what I have in store for my girls doll wise. See you soon and happy third Sunday of Advent!. 

Fig and me, a year in review: 2014.

The little girl.