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Baby Lou and her wooden cradle.

Baby Lou and her wooden cradle, by Fig&me

As promised, Little Baby Lou and her beautiful wooden cradle, will be available for a short auction tonight Monday April 28th. Starting at 9 PM and ending at 11 PM EDT. I am so happy to see how it all came together in the end, and how Baby Lou is so ready to find a home to belong to. 

We tufted the mattress, and hand tied the blanket. We puffed the pillow and put snaps on her onesie. Gave her a comfy diaper, and knit her a helmet hat. And she is so happy, she had the longest nap today. Buttons were chosen for her overalls, and now that is all said and done, I am having a hard time stopping from taking another gazillion photos of her, she is just so adorable. I have this huge weakness for babies, and when they are made of cloth and wool, I have to cuddle them too!, just like a real flesh and bone baby. 

Good morning! by Fig&me

Baby Lou, by Fig&me

Good morning sleepy head! by Fig&me

Little Baby Lou, by Fig&me

So if you wish to pay her auction a visit, here is the direct link. In the mean time, I will snuggle a few more times with her, rock her back and forth in the sweetest cradle, and maybe start knitting for her little brother who will be available comment style here on the blog later this week. Please don't get too angry at me for the overload of photos, she is just a joy to photograph!.

Baby Lou and her wooden cradle. 

Snuggling with her blanket, by Fig&me

Baby Lou, by Fig&me

Little dolly feet, by Fig&me

All curled up, by Fig&me

Baby Lou in her cradle, by Fig&me

Baby Lou by Fig&me

Baby Lou and her hand knit clothes, by Fig&me

And…one last gallery of the crib, or the wood worker will be mad at me for putting a hundred  photos of Baby Lou and almost zero of the crib. I just can't help it, babies make me so happy. Ok, so now off I go to put all the info on facebook. See you later tonight, so excited to see where this wonderful set ends up. Good luck!. 

The sickly child.

And the weekend arrives.