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Taff, up in the sky...

Getting ready, by Fig and me.

Taff woke up with happy eyes and an eager appetite. Today was the day to start flying, he thought to himself. After getting the most wonderful plane for his birthday, and taken a few practice flying lessons from the geese and the swallows, he felt ready. Ready and ready as he will ever be. Socks on, underwear on, pants and shirt, check. No sweater today, too hot. Hat and goggles, at the ready. Off we go.

With his pretty tunic, by Fig and me. Ok…not pretty, handsome.

A little practice, by Fig and me. 

My velour helmet, by Fig and me. 

Let's stop right there. I forgot my harness. Too bad it doesn't have a parachute, he thought as he was trying it on for good fit. Must remember to make parachute with potato sacks tomorrow, because I won't fall off the sky today…there are no appropriate puddles. Yes, tomorrow I will make myself a parachute. Maybe it can even double as a knapsack full of survival gadgets, like a cast iron pot for johnnycakes and a feather duvet so I don't get cold. But that's for tomorrow.

All dressed for adventure, by Fig and me. 

Oh yes, of course. My scarf. All decent fellows wear a scarf when they are a-flying. I can't be left behind. Now where is that long scarf Uncle Mateo wears to visit town? Where is it. Aha! I found it. Hope he doesn't mind I've pinched it for my flying lessons. I must remember to ask Aunt Lucia for such one. I can't be going alone in the sky without proper attire. Now off I go!.

Goggles on! here we go! by Fig and me. 

Seems to me I have everything I need. Now where should I take off. The patio deck seems like a good spot, seems high enough to me. If I can just wiggle myself up there, that's it. On to the barbecue, then I just slip over there and I am set, I can float all the way down. 

First solo fly, by Fig and me. 

That's it. That's it. Nice and easy. Now, where do I start this thing? Oh yes, over here are my controls. Most definitely. Now I just need to gather speed and off I am, soaring high...

Taking off, by Fig and me. 

Eeeppps! this thing flies itself, what a beauty! She is a natural. Nice and easy, nice and easy. Let's just land over there by the sand pile. 

First landing, by Fig and me. 

Oh wow, that was a bit rough, landing on that rock. Must practice take offs and landings. Very important stuff. Now maybe if I run a little faster, I can gather more speed and fly a little further this time. Let's see. 

Taking off again! by Fig and me. 

Taff in his helmet, by Fig and me. 

That's it, that's it. That's the ticket, I can feel the wind moving my hair, I am actually speeding up...

Starting to take off, by Fig and me. 

Oh yes, I can feel my feet lifting up, I am flying!!

Rough landing, by Fig and me. 

Oh, another forced landing. Mmmm…what am I doing wrong? 

Preparing the engines, by Fig and me. 

Let's prepare the engines. Let's be ready this time. We are not going to give up, are we? No we are not. 

Another take off, by Fig and me. 

His wooden plane, by Fig and me. 

Yes, we need to move fast and strong. No second guessing. This is no sport, this is not a hobby, this is serious business for serious folk. Now, where was I? Yes, taking off again. Let's just turn the plane over there.

Can you see me? by Fig and me. 

Can you see me? I am moving away, my plane is roaring, the engines are going as fast as they can, my scarf is flying right behind me. So much speed.

And off I go…by Fig and me. 

Oh yes, Taff, I can see you! You are speeding away, don't be nervous, you can do it my friend. Point your plane in the right direction and don't turn back.

You did it! by Fig and me. 

I'm flying, I'm really flying!

Up in the sky, by Fig and Me. 

Yes, Taff. You really did it. My brave and precious boy. You really are flying!. 


Taff has seen his dream come true: to fly up in the sky. I couldn't be happier to have seen him realize this for himself, and to have been involved in his creation. A little bit of magic goes in such things, and I always feel very glad to be part of it. 

Taff will be held for auction tomorrow Sunday August 3rd fro 8 to 10 PM EDT. I hope he flies directly into the arms of someone who loves him as much as we do. Good bye my sweet fellow, always dream sky high!. Thank you for reading his life journey and for cheering for us while he was coming to be. All the luck in the world to those who wish to give him a home. Please visit the link:

Taff, Aviator Extraordinaire



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