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Solomon Lion Heart - Adventurer At Large.

A big heart to give! by Fig&me

Yes, Solomon Lion Heart. The last name is his own contribution. He thinks people will then know the two main things about him: he is very strong and protective, wise and smart, un-tamable like a lion, and he is kind, generous and very loving. 

Solomon was a little scared today, that his time wouldn't come after all. We got tornado warnings, and as much as he was excited about building a raft and saving us all from the imminent flood (even though I told him there was a tornado warning, not a flood!) he got a little pensive, worrying that maybe he wouldn't be able to find his home today. He hasn't stopped talking about it since I told him today was the day. 

Reading while waiting, by Fig&me

Thinking of future adventures, by Fig&me

Always smiling, by Fig&me

A little boy wonders, most often he wanders. He is busy as can be, I don't always follow his adventures but I sure hear all about them: the ant colony he is building in the tub, the frog he plans to marry to one chicken, the tunnel he is digging to help the little people in the woods. Adventures. Stories of childhood. Time well spent I say!. 

Solomon made a list and asked me to write it down, to make sure those who want to bring him home are "well aware" of his requirements and likes. This one is a funny one. So here goes the list, as per his request:

1. I like to doze on the very top of trees. If you don't feel comfortable with heights, you don't have to come.

2. I can help make snacks, although *sometimes* the peanut butter doesn't quite make it to the bread and *some* of it gets on my clothes or the counter. But I do try to be careful.

3. I love animals. All kinds. Except fancy poodles. One bit me when I was little and I still haven't forgotten it. I do like the way the look, all puffy, but I don't get near them.

4. I like to hide in the linen closet and pretend I am exploring new worlds. Some days I bring pets in there, most of the time it's just me and my favourite tin pail. 

5. If you would like to be my family, you have to solemnly swear to take me on adventures. The more the merrier! And you also have to promise to never make me wear itchy clothes. 
The End. 
Signed by,
Solmon Laon Hart

Bateau neck top and linen bermudas, by Fig&me

Solomon is a 19" tall Figlette doll, made with swiss jersey and stuffed with wool. His hair is yak weft turned into a cap with mohair yarn. He is very petite in construction but has a very sweet round belly. His face is sculpted and embroidered and little freckles have been added for charm. He is wearing a cotton bateau-neckline top, a pair of belgian linen trousers with a side lined pocket, a pair of jersey socks and underwear, and pair of wool shoes with decorative buttons. He has a straw hat because he spends too much time outside and his freckles get out of control if he doesn't wear it. Solomon is a natural toy recommended for a child 6+ or an adult collector. Care instructions will be emailed to you upon shipment. 

If you accept the terms and conditions of Mr Lion Heart (giggle giggle!) please fill the form below. His price is $675 USD plus shipping charges. He will travel with full insurance and tracking number. I will leave the comments open until tonight at 10 PM EDT, and proceed to select a name at random. Payment is due upon notification and invoice receipt. 

**Only one entry per household, and please only enter your name if you personally wish to give Solomon a home, and not on behalf of somebody else. 


His little shoes, by Fig&me

Solomon Lion Heart, ladies and gentleman. via Fig&me

Solomon picked a name and we have sent the proper information. If all goes well he should head home soon, but not too soon. He needs a little bit more mommycoddling from me first!. Thank you for all your wonderful notes, you made him giggle!

Nothing short of amazing.

Sol, sole mio!