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Sol, sole mio!

Sol, Sole Mio! by Fig&me

Alright, alright…that's not his name. Agreed. But, that's what we call him and since we turn everything into songs around here (ponchi-chi-chi-chi-chiiiiiss…krispirospis, rospis, rospis…or Luna, lunera…). His name is Solomon. And he is the jewel of the crown. Why you ask? Well, he has started a bit of an avalanche: I am seeing boy dolls everywhere!.

Solomon and the tall grass, by Fig&me

Mr Solomon, by Fig&me

Did you dress yourself? by Fig&me

As you can see Solomon is quite the handful. Maybe that is why I always shy from making boyz (that, and the fact that in my opinion I always make them a bit too feminine!). He is not going to bust some rhymes on you, but he is pretty sneaky and might just "escape". Today, seeing I was getting little to nothing accomplished, trying to discover yet again another one of the chicken's rogue nests--I conquered by the way, the loot was four eggs…I left two to keep them under the impression they have totally fooled me and so that they keep laying in the same spot…<insert evil laugh: who is laughing now??>—buddy decided to raid the doll's basket, appropriate himself a pair of linen slacks (belonging to Eva Madame) and a pair of socks of unknown origin (I do hope they were clean, ew!) and off he went. I suppose on his way to the garden he snipped a bit of twine and fashioned himself some sort of suspenders, because Eva sure is plumpy and the pants don't fit him all that well. Details he says.

Solomon likes to dream, by Fig&me

Mr Solomon, by Fig&me

I am not entirely sure what kind of adventurous heart lies within his wooly chest, but even though he might look tough and all up for conquering islands or bringing down walls, he does have a very gentle side to him. Exhibit A: he loves daisies! He is always picking them, chomping on grass and playing games with the flowers. Maybe he is a gardener at heart, or maybe he will become a botanist. One can dream!. 

Mr. Solomon is a figlette fella (I *think* he measures 20" but I am not quite sure…details.) who will become available for purchase comment-style tomorrow. As soon as I am done dressing (properly) him up, he will be up for grabs. Stay tuned.

Solomon Lion Heart - Adventurer At Large.

For the man.

For the man.