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The summer months are rapidly vanishing within the anguished clasp of my fingers. I am trying to enjoy outside hours, letting the sun permeate every cell of my body, allowing my skin to turn a new leaf, my thoughts linger on recent excursions to Copeland forest. Don't expect rhyme or reason to future blogs, it will all be muddled with the memories of such one who misses her family, away on holidays.

There is so much beauty in nature, the creativity of life is beyond compare. I have been trying to infuse my optical nerves with its patterns, profusion of colour, valour when it comes to combinations, chaotic but orderly display of species, trying to glimpse the tie that binds it all together. If anything it soothes me.

On this particular day and hike I brought the camera. Lately I have been leaving it at home. There is just enough to do with trying to keep Luna from running into people, helping the children with their stuff, drinking water and admiring yourself such explosion of the plant kingdom around you, to add to that the cloistered sensation of looking at life through a camera.

Don't get me wrong, I love to document our findings and life,  my doll making process, but on some occasions is better just to be, and not feel the constant pang of clicking this or that, of constantly sharing. Do not panic, I am going over photos taken in June and July, there is still plenty to come.

We went back and harvested some of that red clover. We put some in oil to make a salve, and is now ready; some of it we ate, and some we dried so I can drink it in a tasty infusion. Red clover is so delicious. My daughters have really appreciated its flavour and delight in the fact of an easy flower to identify and nibble. Chicory also grows in this meadow but unfortunately we are not too fond of its after taste. Now I must go and meet my week. Wishing you a lovely start to yours.

Passing fancy.

Taff, up in the sky...