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Moms play with dolls.

Moms play with dolls.


Yup. I know this for a fact, actually. Not only because more than half of my loyal customers are sending me photos of when they sneak up to play with their children's dolls, but also because they buy dolls for themselves. Now, I know some of you might think that this is too weird or too out there, for adults to buy themselves huggable, playable, childish dolls to play with. I happen to think the contrary.

Play is a powerful thing.

Creative play, in which you use your imagination to enliven objects, is one of the best kinds. If you haven't played, as an adult, with dolls, with a jump rope, with a baseball, stuck your tongue out while you are trying to conquer some unfathomable obstacle in a video game, then you are missing out. And you are missing out on something very important: the ability to let your imagination soar, the relief of emotional baggage and daily stress. Go out and play is something normally portrayed as a phrase being said by an adult to a child, well...I will say that to you today: Go out and play!.

Mother holding a doll

Not only moms play with dolls, but dads too (and grandparents, aunts, older cousins...). I have seen my husband hold dolls in his lap while he reads books to our children, I have seen him make things for their dolls, and also, and most importantly, talk through their dolls. While we could argue he is playing with his children and not alone, I could also say there is a twinkle in his eye while he does it. It is probably the same twinkle I have in my own eyes while I dress their dolls, or sit them up in their room, or go outside to take photos of them. I feel so strongly about the importance of natural play for children, but I neglect mentioning that play is of the utmost importance for adults as well. You don't have to have children to feel the constant need to re-enact scenarios or to play with dolls. Play is an integral part of human development, and I will venture to say: intrinsic to our history. If you lead a creative life, or if you don't, play is the number one thing that recharges your batteries. It fills you with wonder, with magic.

Now, I am going to go and seduce myself with doll play. I am going to let go of my to do list, which is quite long and scary, and go and recharge, relax and just be. I wish you the same, to find some moment this week to play:

to recharge, to relax and just be.

Pure velveteen fun!

A little sewing here, and a little smooching over there.