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Pure velveteen fun!

handmade velveteen bear

I managed to finish my two velveteen bears. Oh dear! they were quite abandoned. Louna got in the way while I was making them, and I have such a soft spot for my large dolls, that I had to quietly put them away. I covered them up with some pretty fabrics and promised to return to them soon. Well, more time than I would have liked went by, but I got to finish them all up. I even made them hats!. They form part of my ongoing collection of toys called New Vintage (visit the link to see past toys on flickr).

I used to make hats for all my dolls, even with the ginormous mounds of hair they used to sport. My children were little at the time and I had such a fixation with them wearing hats, that it was only normal for me to translate that to the dolls I was creating: they all most definitely needed a handy pocket with a pretty button to look at and a pretty hat. That was then...and it seems it still rings true.

Petite Rouge asked for what else if not a red chapeau. Made of pretty schnazzy red wool, with little ties and holes for her jar-handle ears. Jack Pidgeon, not wanting to be left behind, and sounding very serious about it, asked for a "manly toque". I am not quite sure what he meant by manly, but I sure hope he is satisfied.

These two wee bears (they measure roughly 12 inches tall) will be available in my Etsy store tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. They are made with vintage velveteen, cotton fabrics, wooden buttons, wool stuffing, embroidery thread and lots of love. Their price is $165 USD and they are suitable toys for children 4+. Now, having appeased their appetite for hats, I can dedicate my entire attention to Miss E. More on her soon.


Moms play with dolls.

Moms play with dolls.