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A herd of Cervidae.

My little family, Fig and Me.

Or more commonly known, as the magical deer. Magical indeed they are, each and every one of them, was doused with the power to guard secrets and share dreams. Their wee wool antlers arouse memories of happy childhoods, of fairy tales, of fort trees and puddle-adventuring. Toys, and especially these ones, are vials for imagination. Creative children and adults alike invest them with joy and build worlds that only they can inhabit. Making such toys is not only a privilege but an adventure in itself.

Cashmere and Merino, with ears and gentle smiles. By Fig and Me.

Each of these little babies is meant to be treated kindly, and to be allowed the pleasure of creating memories. Please let them be your friend. Nothing beats the texture of their soft bodies, the gentle squeeze of their pudgy bellies, the strength of their embrace, the tenderness of their gaze. I hope you consider opening the doors of your life to one of these Wee Babies, they have been made with love, patience and a dollop of magic; from my hands to yours I present you, the Wee Baby Deer Family (or Cervidae to be more scientific!).

Birch by Fig and me.

Birch is such a lady. She dislikes dirty things, and funny smells. Prefers to sit atop cushions and tall chairs. Her most favourite food is wild blueberries. You will make a life long friend if you welcome her with a good-sized bowl of berries and a cup of jasmine tea. 

Willow by Fig and Me.

Willow on the other hand wants to be a scientist. All manner of insects, trees, flowers, stars, geographic descriptions, the list is long. Her interests are many and her time is short, so she says. Do not hope to spend long evenings by her side, she will probably be cooking some new experiment or analyzing the properties of fertilizer. She is calm, but mostly succumbs to her passion: to learn all there is. Quite an ambitious little one. 

Acorn by Fig and me.

Acorn suffers from taciturn bouts. She is a bit melancholic, and even though sunny days should make her feel happier, she is most comfortable under the canopy of dark clouds, rain on your windows and a cozy handmade blanket. I believe she would love to learn to knit or some other peaceful handwork activity. Her favourite beverage is of course hot apple cider (with a slice of buttered toast please).

Balsam by Fig and Me. 

Balsam is the oldest. She gets a bit angry at them when they just don't pull the line. Her greatest achievement was making them all sit properly and have a family photo taken. She considers herself a romantic, and loves happy endings. Has a serious dislike for washing dishes and cannot wait to romp on someone's blankets and be taken to field trips, visits to Grandma's house and to witness her first Christmas. Like I said, hopeless romantic. 

Maple by Fig and Me.

Maple was hard to catch for the family photo. Wiggles and squirms and stares out the window. Happy to be here, but happier over there. Always moving, to the next place, the next tree, the next meadow. His restless nature is not nervous, it has more to do with an abundance of energy and an imaginative look on life. Maple loves to climb trees and go on long hikes. He really loves granola and to drink water from natural springs. If you have an outdoor love, Maple will be right there with you.

Walnut by Fig and Me.

Walnut is the opposite. She prefers to be inside the house and the kitchen is her favourite corner. Flour on her nose is starting to become her trait, and she dreams of owning a floral apron. Soups, herbal infusions, baked goods and roasted vegetables. All her specialty. Walnut loves food, gathering it, preparing it and most of all, enjoying it. Always with good company though, she does not like to eat alone. 

Cherry by Fig and Me. 

Cherry wants to be a goat herder. I know, such an unconventional profession for her. But she really, really loves goats. She can go and on and on and on describing their beauty, their moods, their inclinations. She observes all animals but goats really tickle her imagination. We don't have any of course, but she draws them, reads about them, and I have no doubt if left to her own devices she would have quite a herd of little goats. I hope you can indulge her sweet nature and continue to provide goat-related fancies for her. 

Linden by Fig and Me.

Linden is the smallest of the herd. She is always tripping about and getting boo-boos. She cries with so much passion you would think she just fell off a tall tree, but no, she just loves the attention. Telling you where exactly she got the boo-boo, what she was doing, who came to help her, what she felt afterwards and how long it took to heal…that's ninety percent of her daily chatter. Linden loves to revisit old wounds and scars are her most prized possession. You gotta be careful with Linden because she goes through bandaids much, much quicker than you think. Always have a bit of calendula salve, she loves it. 

Cedar by Fig and Me.

Cedar is, of course, the poet. The one who waxes poetic about the puddle in front of him, who sees unmatched beauty on the bark of a tree, the bloom of a flower, the flight of a bird. Cedar sees so much art, so much beauty, so much to say, that he spends most of his time with pencil and paper in hand. Food does not intrigue him and you have to really push for him to eat. He would go days without a bite and then languish out of the appreciation for his environment. Cedar does love to be read to, and poetry is his favourite subject, obviously. 

Poplar by Fig and Me.

Poplar is a dancer. Dance, dance, dance. She doesn't even need music, she just moves to the rustle of willow leaves, to the gentle sway of tall grasses, to the rhythmic sound of a brook or creek. Poplar is a dancer. If you have ever met one you know the kind: always moving, stretching, bip bopping along. Such a graceful gait to their walk, such a graceful everything. The fire that inspires them is all around them and hard to extinguish. Poplar is a dancer. 

So that is it. My little Cervidae family. Each one with the capacity to fulfill their dreams, and to become good friends. They are all made with natural materials, the lighter ones are made of cashmere and the darker ones of slightly felted merino. They measure 8.5" approximately, and are stuffed with wool to a gentle tenderness. They are hand-washable only and laid flat to dry. Suitable as a natural toy for a child 3+. Their price is $135USD plus postage. If you would like to bring one, please enter your details on the form below. I will leave the form open until 10 PM EST today and proceed to select buyers at random. Please only enter if you are interested in bringing one home, and not on behalf of somebody else. Payment will be due within two hours of invoice (unless you live overseas). YOU CAN ONLY ENTER FOR ONE. CHOOSE WISELY. 

I wish everybody that enters Good Luck, and I will see you all tonight. Thank you for considering giving them a home, and for supporting the work of my hands. 

FORM HAS BEEN DELETED. THANK YOU! All the Wee Babies families have been notified and with a bit of luck and no hiccups they will all start their journeys to their new homes soon. Have a good night everybody!



Nothing to see…nothing at all.

Nothing to see…nothing at all.