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Bedding set for a wee baby

I get so excited when I get to play with fabric. Any kind of fabric really. At times I question this found love for craftsmanship, this crazy streak to do with patchwork, this unbearable urge to play with my sewing machine. More often than not I am left thinking I am completely bonkers. But boy, oh boy! do I ever have fun.

I sold yesterday a wee set just like this one, and I might be inclined to make a few more over the summer as the pile of scrap fabric is nearing the danger zone and threatening to spill on top of me and suffocate me to death.  Having some library books with miniature patchwork blocks is going to keep me quite busy I can tell. 

For those waiting on the peanut-nosed bunnies (and cat) you are going to have to wait a little longer. I was thinking they would be ready by tonight, but I got up late and decided to clean my studio instead. Besides, I am working on a custom doll and I think she demands to be worked on for the next few days. So to be safe, I will leave the last four not-so-wee-babies for a friday upload (time to be decided). Now if you'll excuse me, I need to dream and peruse all those mini-blocks. 

Harvesting wildflowers

Harvesting wildflowers

The wee summer babies