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Five years of love, giveaway number 1.

A wintery elf with her acorn hat, by Fig and me.

The time has come to start my wee bit of celebrating with you! I have been squirrelling away all sorts of cute and tiny, all sorts of mischief. I feel a bit like Harry Potter today saying: "I solemnly swear I am up to no good!".  So, without further delay, I present you Miss Winter Elf, a small wee giveaway present to celebrate these long and fruitful five years of unending love and support from all of you.

A winter elf, with her Wensleydale hair and snowy dress, by Fig and me.

My first giveaway elf, by Fig and me.

Four inches tall of cuteness, by Fig and me.

This wee Winter Elf, measures about 4 inches tall from the tip of her icicle snowy dress, to to the top of her head (without her acorn cap). She is stuffed with wool, and is made of a wooden bead, linen, and cotton jersey. There are two small wooden beads inside her arms, so that she can give you a strong hand-shake when you meet. Her long and luscious hair are Wensleydale locks. She is sweet and proper, and loves to accessorize with her jersey scarf. She is appropriate as a small doll for play, or display. Not for children under 3. 

If you would like to enter this Giveaway, please leave your name and email in this post, and we will select a person at random tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. Since this is a giveaway, I will announce the name of the winner here. Shipping is on the house to anywhere in the world. Good luck and THANK YOU for these 5 years of Love. 

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CONGRATULATIONS TO WENDY SIMMONS! This wee elf will be travelling her way soon, I am off to notify her. Stay tuned for another giveaway, albeit a bit more tricky to enter. It will be offered to very specific doll owners. See you soon.

Five years of love, A Wee Memento. Giveaway Number Two.

Three little monkeys