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Five years of love, Giveaway number three, A Playful Tea.

Needle-felted fruit tart by Fig and me.

Continuing with our Wee Giveaways to celebrate the five years of Fig&me, I have for you this sweeter than sweet play food set. Making small little things is always such a treat, not just for the recipient of course, but for the maker, who rumour has it borders on insanity these days with the felting needles and the crochet hooks. But, we will spare you the details. 

Fig and Me Giveaway Set.

This Playful set includes:

-- A needle-felted wool fruit tart, that sports some yummy crust, lemon curd, and fresh fruit: banana, strawberry, kiwi, grapes and a sweet cherry. 

--A needle-felted wool orange and spice cake, with a dusting of caster sugar (glass beads). 

--A cotton velour cupcake, stuffed with wool with a base of cardboard (for stability), with blue icing ric rac and a needle-felted wool cherry with mint leaf.

--A proper tea napkin to set it all down. Made of linen, cotton batting and gingham for backing, with cotton lace details and appliqué plus embroidery.  

You and yours are bound to have some fun times playing with this!. 

Playful set Giveaway by Fig and me.

This Giveaway is open to all my Facebook fans! How nice is that? You don't have to share it, or link to it, or nothing. All you have to do is be one of my Facebook fans and comment on this blog post if you wish to enter. That's all. I will leave this Giveaway open until Sunday November 10th at 9 PM EST and then we will select a name from the comments and match them to the facebook fan page. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments over there, your support and funny jokes! Although it took me almost five years to open a facebook fan page I really feel the time was right for me and I have been having a lot of fun sharing little snippets over there as well. So, for now, I will leave you with this sweet set and wish you good luck!.

--GIVEAWAY CLOSED. The Winner is Brenda Bell. Congratulations to Brenda and her little ones, this cute set is coming their way! Thank you everybody for your wonderful wishes and kind comments. I have more giveaways in the line up so stay tuned so you don't miss them!. 

Not Dasher…and not Prancer.

Mistletoe again.