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Not Dasher…and not Prancer.

My Wee Baby Reindeer, by Fig&me.

But then, who are you? My Wee Baby Reindeer? Who are you? We are amidst the process of selecting names for this fresh batch of Wee Babies. As you can see, my hands turned to northern animals for this group, and we will be presenting a herd of deer and reindeer. Oh! those antlers make me so happy!.

Hiding so shy behind a curtain, by Fig&me.

Wee Baby Reindeer made of wool, by Fig&me.

Little Reindeer Baby, by Fig&me.

This little herd of Wee Babies will prance to the Fig&me Shop on Saturday November 16th at 9 AM EST. Previews of all of them tomorrow here, on my fan page, and on my gallery. Price will be $75 USD plus postage. Now, off to decide their wee names. Cue the Christmas carols!

A merry bunch

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