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Tumbled rocks and Mignonettes.

Taking a nap? by Fig&me

I finally managed to make a few more of these Rumbly Tumbly babies. My girls can't get enough of them, and I have solemnly promised them that next time I make some they can each keep one. I was waiting on a more suitable weighing material, that could still be "squeezed" in your hands and that wouldn't add too much weight.

Inquisitive mind, by Fig&me

Fuzzy Wuzzy, by Fig&me

The weighing material in this case is tumbled rock (giggle!), citrine, acquamarine and black tourmaline. Overall they weigh close to 10 oz (285 gr). They are still very cute and I am still quite smitten with them. I will have a few more at the end of June. 

An angora Wee Baby, by Fig&me

I also managed to make a small group of Wee Babies. I always put them on hold because I think they are going to be so cumbersome to make, with the thin knit and their tiny faces…but every time I am marvelled at how much I like making them, and why didn't I make more? So I will make a few more (have some pretty cute ideas!) for the end of June as well.

Strawberry ladies, by Fig&me

The line up, by Fig&me

In the palm of your hand, by Fig&me

The Mignonettes, by Fig&me

The ones that took me by surprise were these little strawberry people. I love strawberries, and we have a few places we keep checking because they grow wild around here (oh so tiny, and precious!). So, only natural, that with strawberries on my mind, the dolls followed. I find it very hilarious when I line up small dolls, they seem to  me like they are about to start lifting their leg in unison, dancing and singing!. For those not in the know, Mignonette is the name of the Alpine Strawberry. Off I go, to update the shop with the Rumbly Tumbly and Wee Babies. Hope you manage to get one, and if not, wait to the end of June, there will be more!. 

Letting go.

Fig&me Custom Dolls 2014