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Letting go.

Crochet tag on doll packaging, by Fig&me

Yesterday I was finally able to let go of Beatrice. She had spent so much time with me, while I worked on her clothes, deciding on perfect buttons, choosing fabrics, writing stories. It is hard to let them go, but when that magical moment happens, it's like a release of sorts. 

Handmade packaging, by Fig&me

I then get really excited wrapping all those little parcels, adding a crochet tag, a paper card, a doily, spun cotton mushrooms, a handmade button. I know the dolls will have a grand life, full of memories and adventure. And I know that I am then released emotionally to work on another one. To keep the process going, the wheel turning, the creativity flowing. I am marvelled, and humbled, by it all. 



Tumbled rocks and Mignonettes.