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Custom dolls Summer 2013

The time has come! I know, but I can't get that cheesy song out of my head, since I have been gearing up to offer a few more custom spots in my dollmaking list. I will spare you my awful singing and instead get down to business and explain how it all works out.


I am offering TWO custom spots comment-style. The sizes and corresponding custom prices (USD) offered at the moment are:

13" doll (wearing a two piece outfit, plus underwear and shoes) $250

16" doll (wearing a two piece outfit, plus underwear and shoes) $350

18" doll (figlette body: longer limbs, separate legs sewn to torso and ears; wearing also a two piece outfit, plus underwear and shoes) $450 

21" weighted baby doll (wearing a two piece outfit, diaper, shoes and hat) $515

**Prices do not include shipping charges**

**Prices are quoted on dolls made with yarn hair in a natural solid hair colour**

Other hair options are available at a different price upon your choice.

All spots are offered to anyone desiring to work with me in creating a custom doll especially for you, or your loved one. However, the spots are NOT transferable or re-sellable. Please only fill the corresponding form if you are personally interested in working with me, and not on behalf of somebody else.

Payment is done in two stages: half when I am ready to commence your doll, and the rest when your doll is finished and you are happy with the results. A $25 USD non-refundable fee will be invoiced to your paypal account upon selection of your name, in order to begin the process. You will then receive a document that explains how I work, time frame, options, etc. Once you have made your selections, and I organize the spots, then I will send you an invoice for the first payment and so forth. The dolls travel with full insurance on their price, so it varies greatly depending on where you live.

As I have mentioned in plenty of occasions before, creating custom dolls is very intensive for me, but very fulfilling. I go to great lengths to make sure the doll I am creating is made mindfully and specifically with you in mind, and I think some of my best work has been made through custom dolls. I am sorry that I can only take these two spots at the moment but I have to make space for dolls that come to mind and must be created in order to keep my creativity flowing.

Now, the 21" figlette style doll will also be offered as a custom spot, however I decided to offer this spot via auction. Since the price of this doll is normally quite high, as it comes with two separate outfits and a few necessities, I figured this offers yet another avenue to acquire it. The auction will start once the comment-style spots have been awarded.

I will receive entries for the two custom spots until Wednesday May 22nd at 8:00 AM EST. You will be sent an email shortly if you are selected. I am really looking forward to create a few more custom dolls this summer, and can't wait to hear from those who will join me in the adventure. 

Thank you very kindly for giving me the opportunity to make a doll for you and good luck!

The list is closed. 

All the spots have been awarded by now.
Thank you so much to EVERYONE that requested a custom spot. 

Your comments and enthusiasm is very exciting for me! It fills me with great feelings

to know there are people out there who love my dolls as much as I do!

Now, I need to set up the listing for the 21" figlette via auction, I will let you all

know when it is ready.

Thank you!

A big figlette, via auction.

Floral overalls