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Fig&me Custom Dolls 2014

A natural doll for natural play, by Fig&me

Yesterday I sent out the Spring newsletter, I hope everybody received it. It was a little bit of an explanation of why I will be offering only two custom spots this year, at least to the best of my knowledge. My husband is starting a new business, and with it comes a lot of stress and exciting new adventures for us as a family, so I had to contemplate scaling down the custom offering. 

I trust that by now you already know how much I love creating custom dolls. They are a totally different flavour for me, and I connect very deeply with these dolls. Each one is etched in my memory like sculpted rock, not only because they take so much more time and thoughts, but also because I have had to dream them with someone in mind. It is a bit of magic with a pepper of eagerness and a dash of dreams.

Watching the sunset, by Fig&me

Handmade doll shoes, by Fig&me

Little bag for doll shoes, by Fig&me

Each one of my dolls is unique. Not only because they are created at different points in time, they are all actually different. Their outfits are very tailored to their personality, not just in fabric, but in design. I don't like to make the same dress over and over, or the same shoes. I try to add distinctive details, because after all they are individuals: with their own narrative, temperament and soul.

The pleasure lies in all those wee details…by Fig&me

Matching accessories are the dolls' vanities, by Fig&me

Embroidery details are a few of my favourite things, by Fig&me

This year, I have already offered a custom spot via auction, back in February. The remaining two will be offered via lottery style. That is, you will enter your details and I will select two people at random. If you win one of the custom spots, you are welcome to order more than one doll, but we would have to discuss this at length. I will only be offering the Figlette size as a custom this year, in three sizes: 17", 20" and 23" tall.

The price for the custom doll starts at $1200 USD, NOT including materials and shipping. This will vary not only depending on your place of residence as in postage, but on your selection of doll size, hair, and construction details for their outfits. Your doll will come dressed in three outfits: for play, for party and for sleep. Each outfit will consist of a minimum of three pieces. Any additional items will be quoted individually. A custom doll as outlined takes me about 2 to 3 months to create and finish and usually involves 60+ hours of loving work. Upon selection, you will be notified via email and a $250 USD deposit will be due immediately. The remainder will be billed in strictly three instalment payments. It will all be outlined in the custom file I will send you in case you will be working with me on creating your custom doll. 

With a playful spirit, by Fig&me

If you are interested in collaborating with me in the creation of a one of a kind doll for you or your loved ones, please fill in the form below. I will have the form open for the remainder of the day, close it tonight at 11 PM EDT and send the congratulatory emails right after. Once the deposits are paid I will send you the custom doll file (quite a read!) that will explain to you with further detail how I work best, what I can create for you plus terms and conditions. 

Progress photos bring smiles to my face! by Fig&me

Two silly girls, by Fig&me

If all goes well, tonight I will find out whom I will be working with in the coming months, bringing a new doll to life. So far I have been blessed with the most kind people, who have allowed me to peek into their lives and learn a little bit of their history in order to create a doll for them. I cherish this process so much, because it nourishes me very deeply. 

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I can't wait to see who boards my custom wagon! See you all tonight!.

The form for custom spots has been closed. I am off to figure all this out and send emails. Thank you so much to those who wish to work with me. I am humbled by your response and very happy to be here, doing what I do. Hopefully some of you will get to be the travellers on the custom doll wagon. 

Tumbled rocks and Mignonettes.

Sneaky travellers.