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Sneaky travellers.

The Mongolian brother and sister, by Fig&me

I don't know if you remember these two? They are my Children of the Steppe, a set of custom dolls I created many moons ago, that sadly weren't paid for so I had to find them a home via the kismet drawing. I created them thinking of many children playing with them, as they were intended for a small natural play-oriented school. Well, back then, little did I know the amazing life and travels these two would embark on. Let's start at the beginning.

Etsuko Furuya japanese linen dress, by Fig&me

Gingham kerchiefs, by Fig&me

Big Brother and Little Sister, by Fig&me.

Kismet struck and found them a home in a cozy dwelling of a canadian family. They embarked to the beautiful lands of Saskachetwan, where they had a wonderful life playing with other dolls, meeting so many international friends, and enjoying the company of a sweet little girl. Monkhbat acquired a new nickname in this household: Batu. And his sister Monkhsetseg earned one as well: Checheg. Much easier names to pronounce for the little girl. In my heart they have always remained Monkhbat and Monkhsetseg, a loving brother who likes to write poems to his little sister. 

Enjoying the nice weather (it's raining!) by Fig&me

With a bit of an adventurous heart, they were then sent on to Abu Dhabi, where they also lived a joyous life with another little girl. They were smooched and played with and they had all sorts of traveling stories to tell. But, they yearned for canadian soil, and they were then brought back to the land that saw them first come to life: Ontario.

They had a brief visit in Oshawa, where I suppose they recovered themselves from the long journey and after careful consideration, they decided southern Ontario was much too hot for them. Pack their bags they did and they were then flying high to the foggy and magical lands of British Columbia, where they now reside in a play house owned by a gentle fairy and an amazing french doll population. Everybody takes care of them.

New clothes! by Fig&me

If there is something these two have come to realize is that life is full of adventure. That you have to seize the time and place where you are, and that you never, never know what life is going to bring your way. Their travels have made them inevitable wiser, and patient. They love deeply these two, maybe because they know how fickle the human heart is. They know that as dolls they are there to be recipients of memories and journeys, and lucky for them, their journey has allowed them to be part of many families along the way. I like to think of them as repositories of the kisses, hugs, games, tumbles, and memories, that children and adults have made with them. And the one thing they told me, while I was measuring and cutting and sewing their new clothes, is that the one thing they are most thankful for is that all those families have sent them on their journeys TOGETHER. That if they had lost each other along the way they would be much too sad, although they would try to find their sibling or at least write each other letters. 

I told them I am incredibly grateful that they have kept in touch with me through out their long journey. That they have always told me where they are headed, and told me when they have arrived. And that I was given the amazing chance of seeing them in my hands again. A gift like this one is hard to overlook: I have had the chance to see the aging of a set of my dolls that have travelled far and wide, but that are still pretty much the same people inside: a loving brother and sister, who by their great luck have stayed together. Isn't that something to be grateful for?

I am headed towards a weekend of digging and sewing, two very creative activities. I have to pack quite a few dolls that are ready to either head back to their homes, or head on to their new ones. My heart is heavy with satisfaction and the cup of coffee I just drank is making me very happy. I wish you a brilliant weekend, hoping that you get to spend it doing the things that you like the most. See you next week, with the newsletter and blog post regards the new spots for custom dolls. 

Fig&me Custom Dolls 2014

Misty Willow, the fairy.