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Carla, the window and three pompoms.

Carla watching the snow turn slowly to fog, by Fig&me

Some days are just like that little Carla, you wish for snow and you get fog, you want sun and you get thunder. No need to worry or hate on the weather, it is just the way it is. Besides, if you learn to appreciate each and every day for what it brings, no matter the weather, you will be a much happy person. Believe me.

Let me tell you a story. I grew up in a very different place from this, a little town nestled between lazy hills, with orchards and pastures, a few rivers, many brooks, and happy people. Most people were very poor, scrambling by every day to get the necessary things to supply for their families, most of them working all day just to get by. But you know what? You have never seen such bright smiles, such contented hearts, such happy hugs full of love and sincere appreciation to see you. People were I come from love to hug you, they do so at the mere sight of you. Older female family members, or not, smack you with kisses, compliment your good looks that you must have obviously inherited from them, and immediately want to feed you. Wether there is a lot of food to be had in the house or not, the table miraculously is filled with sweets, drinks and treats. Simple things you see, not a lot of riches, but the kind of wealth that matters: the one that comes from within.

Carla gets impatient, by Fig&me

Carla listens to my story, by Fig & me.

The weather is mostly hot, with no humidity at all. It is enjoyable at certain hours of the day, and that is why people get up very early and go to bed quite late as well. Winters are hard, but you are not knee deep in snow. I do remember though, spending many  winters walking in poor choices, trying not slip through the slushy streets of melted snow. What I mostly remember of the winters over there, is waking up to black fog. You see, the farmers had to turn the oil heaters overnight in their orchards so that the trees stayed warm, which left this nasty black fog on things but you could also write on it, like you write on a dusty car and leave an unkind message to the owners: "wash me".

Now, why am I telling you all of this? Maybe to show you that not having what you want, or what you wish for, also makes for opportunity to strike. When I was little, I had no snow boots but that never stopped me going for walks in the slush. I could have complained about black fog, yet I chose to use it as penmanship material. I could have been anxious about old aunts kissing me and feeding me food they didn't have but that never stopped me from enjoying their company.

While you may not have the weather you want, you are bound to stay inside and maybe find some adventure under or over the couch. While you are blessed with beautiful clothes and soon a wonderful home (oh yes, I am sure of it) you are still a bit cranky about the silly weather. No need my friend, let's look for the bright side on this foggy day and see where that takes us. 

Best friends, by Fig&me

Yes, yes. What is that on the window sill? A purple friend, your favourite colour. Oh yes, yes. It has curly hair and a felt nose. Oh yes, yes. Look at the pointy hat and the three pompoms, your favourite number. And, yes, yes, a matching collar just like yours. Isn't life so wonderful? To find an old friend, a dusty toy, on a day that was boring and full of fog? Now you can play together and join the circus.

Friends forever, by Fig&me.

Carla and her clown friend, which she decided to call Mora, are a set of toys available for purchase comment-style. Carla is an 18" tall figlette, sporting new sculpted details (bottom and knees), made of cotton swiss jersey and stuffed with wool. Her hair is hand dyed wool attached strand by strand to a cap sewn to her head. Her clothes consist of a linen blouse with puffed long sleeves, a pinwhale corduroy skirt with cross ties on front and back; jersey undies; hand knit wool boots and a pretty ruffle collar (removable) that ties with velvet strings. Mora is a little clown measuring about 8" tall, made of cotton fabrics and stuffed with wool. She is lightly stuffed to add to her "old school" charm. Her hair is made with hand dyed wool locks, sewn into wefts and hand sewn to a wool cap. She has a little clown collar, sewn in, and a removable hat (pinned for the photos). This set of toys is appropriate for a child 5+, that can easily manipulate snaps, ties and be very gentle with their toys. Their price is $585 USD plus postage charges. If you are interested in welcoming them into your home, please fill in the form below and we will select a person at random to purchase them tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. 


Little Mora watching the fog, by Fig&me

Sweet and happy Mora, by Fig&me

Pals for life, by Fig&me

Now, there are only three dolls left in the Toys in the Attic collection. Two more 18" figlettes, and one lady of the 21" kind. Oh, I am so excited to show you. But for now, we need to leave Carla and Mora find their home, where they can bring mischief, magic and friendship. See you tomorrow!

Little hands

Celia and her treasure.