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Celia and her treasure.

Mornings seem to be good for doll making and doll entertaining. House is quiet and Celia and I get to go around un-earthing christmas decorations and munching on sweet gingerbread cookies. While I was trying to tie ribbons through some salt dough ornaments she kept herself busy looking at a vintage origami book of my girls.

Celia by the window, by Fig&me.

A fancy hat you have there!, by Fig&me

Celia is very excited for the winter holidays. She can't wait to see a real christmas tree, all lit up with beautiful tiny lights, decked with gingerbread men, cinnamon stars, orange slices, cranberries, pompoms, paper snowflakes and lots of paper chains. She has been watching with anticipation our little elving and decorating, small wreaths on some windows, small bows above some doors. 

Celia dressed in salt dough, by Fig&me.

Celia started getting into the mess herself, digging this and that out of my boxes until all of a sudden she got very quiet and went and sat in the living room. After a few minutes of complete silence (so not like her!), I went to see what was happening. Maybe she was feeling nostalgic about having to leave this house so soon, I thought. Well, I was wrong. 

-"What do you have in your hat, Celia?" I asked.

-"Nothing". She said with such glinting eyes that the lie was hilarious instead of troubling.

A bulky hat with something underneath, by Fig&me. 

There is something in your hat Celia! by Fig&me.

It's totally peeking out! by Fig&me

Oh come on Celia! it's totally coming out…what is it? A little something you found in one of the christmas boxes. I see. Well it might be a reindeer. No? Well it definitely must be some sort of decoration if it was inside that box I just brought down from the attic. No? Well, I am dumbfounded with this stowaway. What is it?.

A tiny bear, by Fig&me

Celia and her new wool bear, by Fig&me.

A bear! What is a bear doing in that box and where exactly did he come from? I don't know why it was there, I have never seen it in my life! I swear! Oh, you think someone put him there especially for you? Well, isn't that nice! Yes, I am sure you are right. Yes, of course you can keep it. Yes, it is yours! (sneaky toy makers sometimes like to surprise their own dolls!). 

Mr Wool, by Fig&me.

Little Celia and Mr Wool are a set of toys available for purchase comment-style. Celia is 18" tall, made with swiss jersey and stuffed with wool. Her hair is brushed mohair, with a few extra strands added for her braids. She is wearing a japanese linen dress with double collar and puffed sleeves bound with cuffs, a pair of girly underpants, hand knit wool boots and a matching hat with a bow. Mr Wool is made with repurposed knit wool and stuffed with same material. He is not jointed but his arms have a little bit of mobility. He measures about 3.5 inches tall (let me tell you one thing: miniature bears are something else!). They are recommended for children 5+. Their price as a set is $550 USD plus postage charges. If you are interested in welcoming them home, please fill in the form below with your details and we will select someone at random to purchase them tomorrow Sunday December 1st at 9 AM EST. 


Mr Wool on the palm of my hand, by Fig&me

Celia and Mr Wool are part of the current collection of toys called Toys in the Attic. There are only 4 more dolls left to be presented. Very exciting for me to finally see them come to life.

Thank you to anybody that enters this draw, I wish you all good luck and we will see you tomorrow!.

Carla, the window and three pompoms.

Doll abstract