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And the weekend arrives.

Kand knit baby overalls, by Fig&me

Yes, progress was made on Baby Lou's clothing and bedding. Slow progress but I accomplished a few things. One of the pleasures of creating dolls for me is that I get to dress them, as individually as possible. Almost every doll comes with something different I haven't tried before or requires a new pattern, addition or new skill of some sort. This also takes unheard of amounts of time. 

Exhibit A. The Onesie. I have made baby clothing, for much larger dolls, before. But I have never made one like hers. This crosses over the chest, and snaps at the bottom, like a regular baby onesie. Mind you, right now it doesn't have any snaps, but it will. I used a very thin organic cotton jersey and I had to sew so slowly it gave me a kink on my shoulders. 

Hand knit baby boots, by Fig&me

A little knee, by Fig&me.

Little Baby Lou, by Fig&me

Exhibit B. Her overalls. First I wanted to knit her soakers…but then discarded the idea because I thought she would get cold. So I decided on short overalls. Short because the Spring is here, and because I love to look at baby knees. That was a lot of fun I have to confess. I gave her overalls a very wide ribbing at the chest so that they would "hug" her gently. Now I just need to knit the ties and choose buttons. That is the most fun part of all. I have also never knitted something like this in this size or even similar.

Baby Lou in her hand knit clothes, by Fig&me

Exhibit C. The Baby booties. Yes, sure, I knit loads of those, but not with this shape. I was slightly too proud of myself for making one and the fact that it fit like a glove. I normally knit at least two incarnations of something before it actually turns out right. These were knit with vintage virgin wool and they look old already. I love it. I know I am starting to sound very smug. 

Baby Lou in her walnut cradle, by Fig&me

Soft linen wool-filled blanket, by Fig&me

Baby Lou in her cozy cradle, by Fig&me

And there is the soft bedding. A cotton chenille pillow, backed with linen and filled with wool. A linen canvas mattress, also stuffed with wool, which needs to be tufted. And a super posh linen blanket, also filled with wool, and trimmed with blue ric rac. I need to hand-tie the wool down and so it will look like a quilt and very baby-ish. 

Little Baby Lou, by Fig&me

As you can see loads of progress was made, but there is still lots to be done. She is wearing a diaper, but I also need to add snaps. She wants a hat, I need to get knitting on that. And I need to pack all my sweet Wee Baby Lambs and send them on their way. We will be going away for the weekend, so I think Baby Lou will be ready to find a family next Monday. Hang tight and come and visit her during the weekend, try to keep her company. I will be back to smooch her silly and finish her clothes. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!. 

Baby Lou and her wooden cradle.

Gently rock the baby...