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Little Boy Blue and his sheep.

Little Boy Blue, by Fig&me

Yes, he is my Little Boy Blue. Who falls asleep in the hay stack and lets go of his duties and obligations. But being just so little, we could never, ever reproach him, now could we? With those eyes, and those round cheeks, and that wee mouth, I am having a hard time even glancing away. Pardon the mooshy-ness, is a deep desire for the elusive third child and my adoration for babies, that betrays me. 

Little Boy Blue, by Fig&me

Baby jersey hat, with a top knot. By Fig&me

Getting dressed in the early morning, by Fig&me

Little Boy Blue is a handmade baby-style doll, made with all natural materials and loads of love. He likes to wake up bright and early, dislikes baths but loves to play by the pond. He enjoys hearing bird chatter and also chomping on mooshy fruit. He takes a few naps a day, but is starting to be a little too busy for this household, therefore we have decided it is time to find him a loving home of his very own. 

Little Boy Blue is made with swiss cotton jersey, and stuffed with clean wool (he is soft in his arms and legs, but very firm in his torso). All seams are double-sewn for lasting play. He is not jointed, the mobility of his limbs is due to long fabric joins that allow him to be posed in a myriad of baby positions. His hair is made with mohair yarn, can be gently combed and de-tangled with a baby brush, but he prefers to wear his hat. Little Boy Blue has a lightly sculpted face, with a very endearing but neutral expression. He is 14" long, and has very chubby proportions.

Baa-baa goes the little sheep, by Fig&me

Little Boy Blue and his wooly sheep, by Fig&me

Holding his best pal, by Fig&me

He comes wearing a pair of linen overalls, with an oversized patch pocket. The short overalls close with two straps and japanese wooden buttons. He is wearing an organic cotton jersey t-shirt, downsized for his tiny figure, from a brand-new baby onesie. The t-shirt has a bunny on the front, and has the typical envelope neckline. He has a terry/jersey cotton diaper, that closes with velcro. His mocha boots are hand knit and made of wool yarn. His knotty hat is made with cotton jersey and he just loves to wear it every day.

Little Boy Blue and his wooly sheep, by Fig&me

Blue has a friend that comes with him. A loving white lamb, that likes to sing lullabies so that Little Boy Blue falls asleep gently. This sheep is not a toy, is more of a decoration item for your nursery or play room. It is made with wool yarn, stuffed with wool and needle felted head and tail. The wee legs are twisted pipe cleaners and can be moved up and down to suit the day. 

Playing tricks, by Fig&me

He is a recommended doll for a child 4+ (there are small items that can pose a choking hazard, so please be mindful), who fully engages in doll play and  can dress their dolls with no problem. Doll and clothing are hand-washable, care instructions emailed upon shipment.

— FORM HAS BEEN DELETED. This doll has found a home.

Sweet, sweet boy (via Fig&me)

I want to thank everybody that enters their name as candidates for Little Boy Blue's home. I feel very blessed for the support and encouragement you have been given me, and for the love you feel for the dolls I create. I hope this sweet baby boy finds a home where he is loved, and becomes a true member of the family, just as he deserves. Good luck everybody, and fingers crossed until tomorrow evening!. 

My sweet, sweet Little Boy Blue has found a home. I know there will be broken hearts, my very own to begin with. He will leave this house and there will be tears, but also of joy, as I hope he embarks on the adventure of his life. Thank you everybody for your warm notes and for offering your home to him. We will all hope he is much, much loved.

What are dreams made out of?

Where is he?