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Little Poet.

My sweet and precious little Poet, by Fig and Me.

Last Friday I couldn't keep it all in. Everyone was asking to see her little face and I was feeling a bit too selfish. The day had been so windy and I didn't want to risk her getting soiled or very wet, but almost at the end of the day the light changed so beautiful and the wind died down. My very chance. And what do you know? the snow was very dry, almost like glass or sand. Perfect for Poet to play outside. 

My little Poet, by Fig and Me. 

My little Poet, enjoying the snow. By Fig and Me. 

My little Poet and her bow, by Fig and Me. 

I call her my Little Poet but in truth she is quite tall. She measures roughly 20" tall but her proportions are the daintiest thing. Her little waist is a mere 8" (her chest is much smaller) she is all around delightful and sweet and so petite. My Little Poet. She is not poseable like my Mannikin doll, but she is also a doll made and envisioned with much older children in mind. I am still thinking of a name for this style of doll as I am certain there will be many more made in her likeness this year. 

My Little Poet, by Fig and Me. 

My Little Poet, by Fig and Me. 

So many of you have asked when and how she will be offered for sale, but the truth of the matter is I haven't decided. Poet is tugging at all my heartstrings and I need to see first wether I can actually make another one like her. So a bit much more excited than I should I am already half-way through making her sister. I don't know what is going to happen to me when I have two of them in my studio. Maybe my little world will implode and you will never hear from me again. If that happens, please send cards to my family. They will need a little reassurance. 

My Little Poet, by Fig and Me. 

My sweet Poet, by Fig and Me. 

And yes, I know I didn't take any photos without her hat, but I had to be quick. The light was dying and my fingers were frozen, and my little rooster was getting very angry at me for prodding around his domain. I was afraid the big meanie was going to come and peck me in the back while I was so in love taking photos of Poet and looking through my camera. She has brown brushed mohair by the way, and there is a little "twist" to that as well. Oh I giggle thinking of taking her photos without her hat. But you will have to wait for those as I am very busy making her sister. To be continued. 

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