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A little doll

My husband mowed the lawn yesterday, and today I had the job of putting all the patio furniture back in its place. Re-arranging our lawn chairs and wooden clothes dryers and things of such nature. While I was busy fiddling around with cumbersome tasks, I heard a little voice. Very sweet, but tolerant even, but also song like. I turned around, looking for the person with such a beautiful and enigmatic voice. I didn't see anybody so I started to panic, wondering if the time had come to put me in the loony bin. As I glanced down to pick a chunk of firewood I saw her. What an enigmatic being.

First I thought she might be a garden pixie, upon inspection and lack of wings I decided maybe she was a little elf. But she said she has never even heard of elves so I am not sure what she is or what to call her. She definitely looks like a miniature human, although she is quite soft and tender. I asked her name and she said: Cygnet. Just Cygnet, nothing else. 

I brought her inside and gave her a velvet ribbon to put her hair off her face. She sat down by the window and looked down at the play room, so full of toys and wooden blocks, dolls and shields and swords. Her eyes caught sight of the doll basket, where we store all our doll clothes and before I could ask her if she wanted something to wear, she grabbed a linen pinafore and a pair of little bloomers and just like that she was all dressed up. 

I asked about her lack of clothing, and the strange fact that she had nothing but a hat. She said she liked hats, and that so far she hadn't seen clothes like these and that she would very much like to have her own set of clothes. I smiled. Poor Cygnet, going around the world half-naked and landing in the house of a dollmaker who happens to beckon fairies that can sew pretty clothes for little people just like her. Imagine! the coincidence. 

Well, I will leave you now because I have to create a wonderful wardrobe for Cygnet, as per her instructions. She has selected beautiful alpaca silk yarns, design tulle and cotton batiste. I think even though she is not a fairy, or a pixie or an elf, she does want to dress herself like one. We shall see what she has to say once I finish her clothes. I hope she is pleased when I present her with new clothes. Wish me luck! 

A not so white wardrobe

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