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Amaranto y Anis

Two days and a whole lot of nothing. I know that is exactly what little Frida is thinking of this. She wanted to go outside and romp on the grass, and smell the flowers, and chase robins and grasshoppers, but it was so hot, and then it was so wet. She sulked for two days until today finally I took her outside. 

While we waited for the weather to turn somewhat decent, we played. Oh! how we played. We played dress up with all her pretty clothes, and we talked about the south and the food and the monsoon.  We pretended to attend lavish mexican fiestas while dressed in silk and shell buttons with a pretty lace headband reminiscent of the 1930s.

Then we decided to play "a la escuelita" and she changed into more appropriate "off to school" clothes. Silly vents on the sides of the blouse and beautiful vintage shell buttons, a little bit of lace and a little bit of linen for her. To ward off the crazy weather.

Until the time came. To finally go outside. The first thing she did was to lose one shoe...then lie down on the grass and contemplate the clouds go by. I like this girl.

Frida still wanted to chase the birds and see wether we could find some ducks to feed but we didn't have such luck. We returned home ecstatic but knowing that soon enough she won't be here with me to chase the sun. 

It started to get a little chilly so she grabbed her wool shawl and sat down to watch me fumble. It took forever to find her shoe, only to discover a silly pulled thread. I promised Frida to fix it before I sent her home. As the light started to go down, Frida and I held hands, admiring the Sun in all its glory. 

Thank you for this adventure Frida.

You will always remind me of chasing the golden hour and a silly shoe. 

A little doll

Lady in wool