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I think I landed a wild child. A true wild child. You know the one who loves to wake up with the birds at the crack of dawn, who loves to go outside without shoes, who dreams of grasshoppers and being a mermaid. The wild child who always has some sort of bug between her fingers and feels extreme kinship with both the animal and plant kingdom. That kind of wild child. 

You have quite the wild hair my child! I tell her as soon as I spot her outside. How come you are only wearing one shoe, that doesn't even belong to you, and my favourite blanket?. Amelie just smiles. She tells me Eva didn't feel like sharing her other shoe, and that it was bad enough to wear borrowed clothes when she has a tall tower of her very own wardrobe. Off limits I say, the clothes must be ironed and buttons must be sewn before you go on wearing everything outside and climbing trees with your perfectly pressed linen dress. That kind of wild child she is. 

I promise to finish at least one outfit so you can wear it outside Amelie. And I promise to take you out hunting for wild flowers, just like you. But it will have to wait just a little longer because first I have to get rid of all this alpaca on my clothes, and cough it all out as well. OK? Til next time. 

Amelie is a custom 21" figlette. She is the last figlette of this size made as a custom this year, so she is rather special. She has some pretty wicked genes, puffy ears and stuffy toes. She comes with an all-season wardrobe, and so many special treats, that it is going to take quite a while to do justice to the whole thing and photograph it properly. Luckily for me, Amelie is very patient and loves to play outside while I finish everything for her. 

On another note, her hair. Yes, her hair. It is wefted suri alpaca, undyed and in its raw glory (I wefted the fibre myself). The softest thing you have ever felt. But, wefting her hair turned me into a mexican chewbacca for the later part of last month. We still find chunks of it here or there. If you, as a dollmaker, wish to travel down the suri alpaca road I wish you good luck and an unbelievable amount of patience. It is so worth it. And since I bought a huge basket of it, I see a few more dolls with hair like Amelie...but not in my near future, I need to recover from the ordeal and have a bit of therapy first. Good thing she is so pretty or I wouldn't be able to forgive her. Off to move more boxes!.

The magic house

The magic house

Surrounded by flowers