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Satya, and her amanita hat

I didn't forget her hat. How could i? When her biggest fascination revolves around sprouting toadstools of the amanita muscaria variety. I think most children find them intriguing. Here it is, a little something growing on the forest floor, that pretty much resembles a polka dotted red mini house. Who doesn't love them?  

I have had the pleasure of encountering these adorable, albeit poisonous, mushrooms in my forest walks. My girls always scream when they find one, as they pretty much know I love any kind of mushroom. When Satya told me she secretly dreamed of having a big mushroom hat, I just had to giggle. And here she is. 

Satya wanted to wear all her best clothes, to show her potential family how well dressed (and clean girl) she is: a cotton chambray white blouse, with a feminine front-centre pleat and puffed sleeves; a pair of cotton trousers with adorable red-stripe selvedge, elastic on legs and waist; a cotton pinafore with a furry cotton chenille pocket (to stash her many treasures); a super cozy pair of italian cashmere boots with ribbed cuffs and suede soles; a linen polka-dot cape, lined with a red-stripe cotton, trimmed with pom pom fringe, closing with a wool-chain "clasp" and a handmade wooden button; and as a final item, her most favourite thing: a felted red beret, with needle-felted spots and cashmere ribbing. Satya is tickled pink about the last addition to her wardrobe!.

Satya is a 17" tall Figlette, a style of doll I make with very long and skinny limbs, ears and lightly sculpted faces. She is made with cotton and stuffed with wool. Her hair is handspun kid mohair attached strand-by-strand to a cap sewn to her head. This hair style is very sturdy, however the nature of this kind of yarn is that it will shed quite a bit at the beginning, while the strands felt a little from being played with, also it needs to be treated very gently as there are many lose curls and locks that will become separated from the main strand if handled roughly.  All of her clothes are hand washable and lay flat to dry. Satya is recommended for a child 6+ that can be gentle with her hair, and delight in the pretty clothes she comes with. Her price is $485 USD plus postage (I ship from Canada). She will travel with full insurance and tracking number. 

If you would like to bring Satya home, please fill in your details in the following form and I will select a person at random to proceed to purchase her. 


We wish everybody good luck! We will leave the form open until tomorrow Sunday 15th, at 9 PM EST. In the mean time we will take Satya out for a walk in the forest, and see if we get lucky finding some of her favourite mushrooms. Enjoy your weekend!. 

Hello everybody, I have just notified Satya's new family of the cute arrival coming their way. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments about Miss Satya, she was very happy to hear from so many kind hearted families offering their homes to her. She has chosen, however, a wonderful home to be part of and we are excited for her to meet her new family. Thank you so much for your support of my work and your love for my dolls. Good night!.

It was bound to happen

But please, don't forget my hat!