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It was bound to happen

Yes, I believe my hands were starting to get a little itchy and wanted to try to sculpt the faces of the Wee Babies. Oh boy, did I ever get a run out of my itchy fingers! Turns out embroidering wee deep eyes is much harder than it seems, and I should have known better as I know remember embroidering the eyes on Cygnet and what a hard time I had with her wee face. Oh well, at least the hands will be too tired to try it anytime soon...or did I just cut a whole whack of more wee babies for another future batch? mmmmm. 

And while it is not the first time I do nostrils or freckles or chubby cheeks, it is the first time I do them on the little cashmere babies. In my opinion it makes them look so mischievous! I hope they do not get me into lots of trouble. This small batch of wee babies will be available tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST on my Fig & Me Etsy Store. Their price is $65 USD plus postage. I didn't manage to get individual preview photos of them, so I will try my best to wake them up real early for their morning affair. I do hope they manage to get a good night sleep and a hearty breakfast...(if those cheeks are any indication of their appetite I should say they never miss a meal...). See you tomorrow!.

Olivia Green

Satya, and her amanita hat