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Olivia Green

I think this doll fell in the wrong hands. You see, I don't make my dolls with big smiles, they just don't feel like "me". She asked for a bigger smile and I said no. We tried different threads, with her hair on, off, different weights and placement, nothing worked. She said: I told you so. I said: no way! I will leave you mouthless until you come down to your senses. We tried again, nothing worked.


"If you wanted a big smile, you should have chosen to be born out of the hands of another doll maker, perhaps I could recommend? I will send you back whence you came from and you can go ahead." I said with a slightly impatient tone to my voice.

 "No. I want you to make me. You are the right person for the job. I just want to smile". 

"Perhaps a small, demure smile?" I inquired graciously. 

"Nope, a big one".

"Hells no" I said.

"You'll see. Nothing will feel right. You'll see".  She finalized with a smirk on her eyes.

Embarrassed, stubborn, I was not going to budge. I call the shots, I am the dollmaker. I am the leader. If I don't move my hands, nothing gets done. That's what I thought. Because here I am with a doll with a bigger smile, who will forever look at me and say: "See? I told you so!".  

And then to make matters worse, as if this wasn't enough, I had planned this beautiful and feminine wardrobe for her: a linen floral dress in mint and rust colours with peter pan collar and velvet accents, linen boots and a beautiful cape in wool. Well, turns out the husband decided to meddle and told me that I was picking grandma' clothes for her. I beg your pardon? But, lo and behold, once I put the clothes next to Olivia it was obvious those were not her clothes. What to do? Not enough time, I have a doll schedule to attend!. Gosh darn-it with meddling husbands who seem to have acquired an opinion on what I should and should not dress my dolls into. Boo.

So, as someone who can take a hint, I proceeded to dress her according to her inner desires: cashmere and italian linen, comfortable and fashionable (a bit too fancy for my taste but she wanted it all). Boots were made to size, tulle overdress was sewn. Anything else Miss Particular?. I think I finally satisfied her wishes so she is ready to bid farewell to the doll maker who wanted to forge her own path. If things keep going this way, my days are numbered. 

Olivia Green is a 21" figlette ready to find a home where she can come and boss everybody around. Just kidding (still a little sore!). She is sweet and happy, all she wanted was to smile. She is stuffed very firmly with wool and her hair is wefted mohair, which can be styled, ironed, washed and played with extensively. She is wearing a pair of overalls made of repurposed cashmere with two glass buttons. A pair of wool/alpaca boots. A little shrug also made with cashmere. A raw italian linen super long scarf. A headband made with angora and glass beads. And a glimmering tulle overdress that ties on the back with the pompom trim.  

Olivia Green is a doll recommended for a child 6+. There are small buttons and beads that can pose choking hazards to a little one, besides her size makes her more suitable for a much older child. Her price is  $650 USD plus postage charges to where you live. I ship from Canada. If you would like to bring Olivia Green into your family, please fill your details in the form below and we will proceed to pick a name at random to purchase her. 


I will leave the form open until Monday September 23rd at 9 PM EST. I wish everybody good luck, and I hope you wish me the same as I intend to work on another doll and if she turns out like this one, that's it. I am throwing the towel (just slightly kidding...). See you tomorrow!.  

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your kind words of encouragement and little notes of mischief for this little lady. As is the history around here, the dolls select homes (by the hands of my children) that are indeed perfect for them. I hope Miss Olivia Green stops being such a trouble maker and goes on to have a wonderful life, like she was created for. Now, I must go to bed and will this other new doll into being, and to hope that none of Miss Olivia's traits got into her!  Good night, and again Thank You.

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