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Tammy wins the race!

Little boots in the snow, by Fig&me.

This phrase is the first thing I heard this morning: "…and Tammy wins the race!". Accompanied by all kind of hurrahs, yippee-yeahs, and other congratulatory sounds from the "public" (a few folded fat quarters, a bin full of lace, and yards and yards of wefted fibre for other dolls), she apparently won another horse-back race early this morning. 

She tells me that training is hard, hard work, but that girls like her who have been born with a penchant for excitement and reaching hard goals, are bound to choose this type of career in their lives. She will not complain about having to get up at the break of dawn to groom and saddle her horse, oh no! not her. She is very determined and loves to be around animals, but horses are of course her favourite.

Tammy enjoying the winter activities, by Fig&me.

It almost felt mean to have to take her into the attic to discover her wee present. I was as excited as her as we went up the creaky ladder, hearts on our hands, into the dark and dusky lit room. Wooden shutters letting in just enough light for us to wiggle about, moving boxes and pretending to be scared (well, just a little scared we were). Motherly gaze making note to remove a few boxes for the goodwill next time I am up there, but at the same time expecting Tammy to start asking questions. Oh, yes, because dolls do ask many questions, all the time. 

I propped her about, close to the box in question, and she immediately started: "why are we up here?, you told me we were going outside today!, is this box for the decorations? why didn't we hang that beautiful corn husk doll on the tree? who ever did wear such funny get-up? are those the little girls' outgrown clothes? will you ever get rid of them? when are you going to learn to ski? is that pot for cooking tamales or canning?…while smiling my brain was saying: make-it-stop!. My dolls I am afraid are as chatty as my own two children.

Overalls full of horses, by Fig&me.

And then she found it. Her wee little horse. "Her very own" she said. So far she has been playing with some vintage ones we own, the wooden ones we got in the mail not too long ago and a few other ones we have kicking around. But the thing is, Tammy turns everything and anything into horse paraphernalia. This bit of string is the reign, that piece of paper is her saddle, and this skein of yarn is her horse. It really doesn't matter to her, so I went about making her the simplest horse but one that she could ride and also take to bed with her. Because a girl like this needs her fella always by her side. 

Tammy and her hobby horse, by Fig&me.

Playing outside and winning races, by Fig&me.

Tammy and her knitted horse, by Fig&me.

Tammy is now even more excited, because she knew that once she had her horse she would be able to come here and find a home to belong to as well. In the same way that she went upstairs to find her horse (and the anticipation of not knowing "which kind" of horse she was going to get) she is here, sitting with me, not really knowing where she will live. Dolls have big hearts and trust that destiny will take them where they need to go. I try to trust the same. 

So if you are interested in trusting destiny with us, and would love to offer your home to Tammy, her wild nature and her wee horse, please fill in the form below with your details and we will select a person at random to proceed to purchase them. The price for Tammy and her wee horse is $505 USD plus postage charges to where you live. We will leave the form open until tomorrow Wednesday, December 11, at 9 AM EST. 


Tammy and her wee horse, by Fig&me.

Tammy is an 18" tall figlette doll, sporting new design details like a sculpted bum and bony knees. She is made with swiss jersey and stuffed firmly with wool. Her hair is a mix of wool and handspun yarns attached strand by strand to a cap sewn to her head. This style of hair is very playful and very sturdy and she has a lot of it (giggle!). She wears cotton undies, a pair of linen overalls that close with snaps on back and a little raglan sleeve cotton blouse with elastic neckline. Her little wool boots are my newest obsession! Her wee hobby horse is made with repurposed wool knit, wool mane and a wooden dowel. They are set of toys appropriate for a child 4+. Shipping charges are calculated with full insurance and tracking number. Care instructions will be emailed to you as soon as they start their journey to your home. 

Thank you so much to those that wish to give Little Tammy a loving home, I wish you good luck and in the mean time please know she will be playing with her horse over here, wondering with a little smile where her destiny will take her. See you tomorrow!.

Little Lily and Mrs Wabbit.

Clippity clap.