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Clippity clap.

Tammy loves horses, by Fig&me.

Tammy has taken great care of all our horses. She feeds them, pets them, brushes their manes, and takes them out of the basket for daily exercise. Other than my children, I have never seen a little one so taken by the beauty of these animals. So it is no surprise that I am secretly making her one. But…first I have to take it into the attic for her to find it. I like to trick my dolls like that. 

Tammy and a wooden horse, by Fig&me.

Little Tammy by Fig&me.

Miss Tammy surely will act surprises when she finds it, because I am pretty sure she anticipates the action. She has seen all her sisters find treasures and she knows and I know that the one thing she wants the most is a little horse of her very own. So, with a little bit of luck, Tammy will find it. Now I wonder, should it be white, black or bay? Should it have long braids and beautiful reigns or be more simple. Oh, the possibilities! Making toys is so much fun.

Tammy wins the race!

Little hands